Beat the security forces into a 78 – year – old woman of the world’s most old “sharpshooter” (FIG.)

India’s 78 – year – old woman he claims to be one of the world’s most old & other; Sharpshooter & throughout; .

Beijing, March 23 (Reuters) 22 according to foreign media reports, for most of the 78 – year – old old people, reading a newspaper already need to wear presbyopic glasses to see. But he live in India’s 78 – year – old woman, not only have a good eyesight, and every shot told., the world’s oldest & other; Sharpshooter & throughout; .

, a white-haired he already took 25 national champion, even beat strong police, soldiers, veterans shot series, police shooting champion of the competition. Have six children, 15 grandchildren he said: & other; I tell people to my abilities. I think age is not a problem, as long as you are willing to do, what all difficult to fail you. Throughout the &;

he was ten years ago in the case of a chance to practice shooting. In order to target, she by throwing stones or water bottles to practice every day. Today, almost all the indians knew he & other; Sharpshooter & throughout; Name.

he daughter is also a shooter. Said her mother represents & other; Everything is possible & throughout; , in fact, in addition to shoot, he is also a good do housework.

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almost all India knows he’s & other; Sharpshooter & throughout; Name.