Beautiful sexy stars Monroe way: lift weights to do a handstand (map)

Marilyn & middot; Monroe

Marilyn & middot; Monroe was of the last century the world’s most famous sexy stars, in the 50 years of her death, she still is one of the star people often mention. And some gossip about her topic, often make people ignore the arduous efforts behind the star.

in the photo, we’ve seen Monroe Monroe always squirmed mouth smile, are all permeated with joy, and in a women’s magazine “the sports and fitness,” photographer Philip & middot; He with unique photographs, shows Monroe fans around the world Monroe unknown life.

Philip & middot; He was taken in 1952, the works of the location in Los Angeles in Monroe. Monroe was 26 years old, just a minor celebrity. And when he met in 1949, Monroe, she is still unknown.


he recalls, that day, I drove to her home, it was a simple two-bedroom apartment. In the living room, I feel very surprised, I saw a pair of dumbbells lying on the floor. More let his surprise Monroe also has a set of lifting the barbell and benches. Monroe said: & other; I am just at home, be sure to practice for a while. Throughout the &;