Beauty departures for curiosity into the line after 85 day by day with the dead away her boyfriend (FIG.)

work of meticulous SiLiXia WeiLiang taken

WeiLiang taken

Beijing, taiyuan, April 5 (Reuters) : & other; After the 85 & throughout; Beauty departures for curious earn profit by the deceased and other day by day; Scare off & throughout; Her boyfriend

the author jade (wang lu

the tomb-sweeping day, taiyuan wing on funeral home quiet solemn, cemetery monument in front of the flowers quietly talking with the outlaw of covenant. Traditional Chinese unless otherwise chongyang tomb-sweeping day, seldom set foot in a graveyard, however departures SiLiXia has been living here for four years, with both hands to give the dead last warm.

SiLiXia every day in the face of the cold face, experiencing shenglisibie, this mysterious well-paid career is not speculation. SiLiXia said she need most, not preferential treatment, but people’s understanding of the profession.

for curiosity be the last stage of their departures warm life

4, the reporter comes to wing on funeral home, SiLiXia between spirit for the deceased makeup look. Before the humming freezers, she to the deceased deep bow, half an hour of finishing end of makeup look.

in March 2008, between SiLiXia first walked into the spirit in the face of an accident of the deceased. In addition to the correct face, with alcohol cotton swab carefully blood, use cotton filling up the imperfect. & other; Because what I learn is the funeral service professional, make up for the first time think of his theory can be used to practice finally, curiosity and excitement greater than the fear. Throughout the &;

SiLiXia hostel near the cemetery, don’t go to work when she was on the Internet in the dormitory, or knitting a sweater. Every day can hear the sound attenuation of memorial service. As far from the town, she seldom go out, occasionally go out shopping, she likes to sit for delivery of the deceased & other; Business car & throughout; , when driving in the street, attracting the eyes of passers-by, she thinks she is brave.