Beauty “dog star” left paw prints in Hollywood officials to salute the (FIG.)

the dog star in the oscar-winning film “the artist” wu ji left his & other; Paw print & throughout; (page screenshots)

international online features: AFP, June 26, the dog star in the oscar-winning film “the artist” wu ji (uggie) officially retired in 25 local time to attend the official ceremony, its & other Paw print & throughout; In other Hollywood screen stars next to mark, including Marilyn & middot; Monroe (Marilyn Monroe) and clark & middot; Gabriel (Clark Gable), etc.

at the ceremony, the fine acting of wu ji excited the crowd barking, win people’s chorus of praise. It’s the trainer omar & middot; Feng & middot; Mueller (Omar Von Muller) said: & other; Everyone said I was a great trainer. But I don’t think so, because it is a great dog. Throughout the &;

now already getting old, cannot continue to adapt to the cruelty of a film, and it itself with nerve disease. An official from the local city hall said: & other On behalf of the city of Los Angeles, I salute to wu ji, and announced on June 25, 2012 for the city of Los Angeles day. Throughout the &;

now, the biography is wu ji real life story writing, including its performance in the show, in the “water for elephants” and “artist” role in the film, and as a nintendo endorsement dogs, etc. IfengLogo (jin-liang li)