Because of li in the tang dynasty is the last name was such as selling carp is hit 60 large plate

li regime in Chinese history most, proclaimed himself king said amounted to more than 60 people, so li, however. But also because of this, also caused a lot of trouble for people. In history, according to the unitary Yang miscellaneous him because li is the name of, so in the tang dynasty is fasting, carp, caught carp, must be put off, if you dare to sell carp, retype it 60 big board. The taboo is more elegant, and one more thing, may not be too elegant. Tang Gaozu tang gaozu’s father’s name? Li Hu. So, the tiger, of course, is not to eat, of course, generally also can not eat. It’s not too, also do not say & other Tiger & throughout; Words, to use other words instead. Which word? The horse. This & other; The horse & throughout; Word is not the point, the focus is on one in the past we are commonly used items & ndash; & ndash; The toilet. In fact, as early as the han dynasty, the toilet has been, has been not only & other; The toilet & throughout; , call & other; Nothing & throughout; . By the tang dynasty to taboo Li Hu name, this is called horse instead. Again in the later, the objects and name of the toilet. You see, li down a peg or two, even changed our customs and habits.

the source of the li is very complex, a theory is one of the most romantic from gao tao. Yu shun gao tao is the sheriff, the position name is Richard officer at that time, his descendants have been inherited the position, with & other; Richard & throughout; For the name. After the shang king zhou, gao tao one sign, for law enforcement, however annoy the king zhou, bring fatal disaster, Richard’s wife qi and’s portable son Richard zhen to flee. Fleeing almost starved to death, on the way to the plum tree, by eating plums to survive. Later in order to express the gratitude of plum, by & other; Richard & throughout; Changed to & other; Lee & throughout; .

another, plum little thing. According to the surname examination, no li weeks ago. Lee was first, in joseon dynasty name is Lao tze Li Er. Li Er perhaps is the character of the descent, don’t know why, until he here by & other; Richard & throughout; Change & other; Lee & throughout; .

the li clan source is quite complicated. The tang dynasty, li cheng name the countries, there are a lot of people are surnamed li. Such as xu, Ann, du, guo, hemp, unheard-of, many of these names are surnamed li. Luoyang lee li is a very important, it is after the xianbei ethnic minority group. Be given name as li xianbei ethnic minority group not only occurred in the tang dynasty, had earlier. Also, the three countries, zhuge liang to pacify the southern barbarians rebellion, because the local ethnic surname, it has been a lot of name to them, among them there are quite a number of the surname li. So, the blood of li is very complex. Particularly impressive is that in the midst of li, and part of the jews, this may even don’t know the name of li’s friend. Jews into China began in the tang dynasty, it is very significant events in the history of Chinese and foreign culture. To the middle of northern song dynasty, more and more jews into China, mainly scattered in luoyang,,, ningbo, quanzhou, with henan kaifeng has the greatest number. Kaifeng jews, surnamed li, don’t know why they surnamed li, anyway the surname for over one thousand years.

li originated in henan today already, it is no dispute. Later, one moved to west gansu area, and tell the thirty-ninth room. Thirty-nine room later moved to a room Zhao Jun, is today’s hebei handan area, then the room is divided into east, south, west three again. So li very much. By the western han dynasty, li began to move to shandong, jiangxi, the eastern han dynasty, moved to the southwest, many of them were han li, even join the bai, miao, zhuang, yi ethnic brothers etc. After the three countries, li has been distributed across the country.