Before the Forbidden City, dean of the two sessions by media crazy chase: then talk about the Forbidden City

dean didn’t want to say before the palace

last year, the national Palace Museum in & other; Ten heavy doors & throughout; . The NPC and the CPPCC national committee, has just retired national Palace Museum director zheng xinmiao nature became the target of the media to chase. But zheng xinmiao has always been reluctant to the Forbidden City topic for an interview.

zheng xinmiao the sense that gives a person is: very nice, polite, would also like to communicate with reporters. Almost every big media including newspapers in Taiwan, zheng xinmiao can speak a little impressions, some even has been attracting the attention of his. Chat with zheng xinmiao is easy and soothing. But, when it comes to the Forbidden City, the zheng xinmiao immediately change the subject, or directly said, this problem will talk about it later. Chatting, media reporters constantly the subject & other; Before you know it & throughout; To take to the Palace Museum, but zheng xinmiao & other; Vigilance & throughout; High, there is no & other; When & throughout; .

I have interviewed zheng xinmiao successor, as Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) art groups of the CPPCC national committee ChanJi cheung. If the old and the new dean interview together, synthesis and continuity, nature is very good. Unfortunately, zheng xinmiao half sentence is not willing to talk about the Forbidden City.

& other; Ten heavy doors & throughout; Later, the imperial palace of popular opinion. Zheng xinmiao of under pressure. At this time, and the Forbidden City related comments, will produce what kind of impact of the imperial palace? Zheng xinmiao when have their own judgment. However, & other; Ten heavy doors & throughout; After a widely criticized, his personal don’t want to say to you?

this is more of a ChanJi cheung talking about the Forbidden City. But, he also talked about zheng xinmiao. In the group discussion at the meeting, he spoke to zheng xinmiao spoke highly of. ChanJi cheung said, & other; The palace last out some things, but I very want to say, from 2002 to today this decade, the palace people under the leadership of the director and leadership zheng xinmiao, done a lot of unprecedented outstanding work. Throughout the &; Then the number one by one. & other; Very lucky, on the basis of very good, I come here to work. Throughout the &; ChanJi xiang concluded.