Before the tang dynasty “bridal chamber” has nothing to do with the newly married marriage room called “green room”

in ancient times, marriage with the marriage room don’t call & other; Bridal chamber & throughout; And said & other; Qing lu & throughout; .

in the west-wing there is such a small story, and hre young, very better, often go out & other; Spiderman swim & throughout; So that it will do some mischief, sometimes actually. One day they saw a couple get married, then quietly sneak into the family’s yard, see the bride beautiful, was a bad idea. Suddenly shouts & other; Stop thief & throughout; The & other; Qing lu & throughout; Everyone in the lead, chaos away the bride.

don’t we go to the argument of the story’s true and false, but the ancients called a makeshift tent wedding & other; Qing lu & throughout; , it is true.

from the eastern han dynasty to the early stage, the ancients is in of blue cloth tents, wedding & other; Qing lu & throughout; General is located in the southwest corner of residential & other; Ginnie & throughout; On, the car under the bride walking on who have felt table, finally into the green room. The jade new poems & middot; poems “minister wife does for jiao the: & other; The cow neigh, bride into the green room. Throughout the &; Tang twang-ching-shih the unitary Yang miscellaneous him & middot; li vision: & other; North Korean wedding, green cloth curtain is house, both inside and outside the door, “the green room, in the worship. Throughout the &;

in qing pu songling “strange stories & middot; goddess”, & other; Childe bowed out, yue: & lsquo; Bright night on July 9th, the new moon hook are day sun have young girl married, JiQi, also can be for blue. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

the ancients in addition to the & other; Qing lu & throughout; As the couple married in marriage room, sometimes called the marriage & other Qing lu & throughout; This, and now we use & other; Wedding & throughout; Refer to the meaning of marriage is the same.

in modern times, some of us are the & other; Qing lu & throughout; Refer to marriage, such as guo moruo ZhuoWenJun second scene: & other; Zhuo weng, you should know that SiMaChangQing legendary, now has not yet been qing lu, if he can get microscope for his samyama, wouldn’t it be a match made in heaven? Throughout the &; Before the tang dynasty’s & other; Bridal chamber & throughout; What is the word mean? & other; Bridal chamber & throughout; Before the tang dynasty does not mean that the couple’s bedroom, it refers to the court luxury and deep in the bedroom. “Chu ci & middot; :” spiritism “& other; Kua capacity state, e ? ? hole Throughout the &;

sima xiangru “nagato fu” : & other; Hang the moon according to the xi, Cu clear night in the bridal chamber. Throughout the &; When their northern in sanhe singing dance though let & other; Bridal chamber & throughout; With & other; Candle throughout the &; Hand in hand, & other; Wedding, Ming yan remaining light & double dance throughout; . But here’s the & other; Bridal chamber & throughout; Still not describe their wedding night.

as a result of the tang dynasty bookman multi-purpose & other; Bridal chamber & throughout; The term to refer to relationships-particularly those founded, time is long, people kept & other Bridal chamber & throughout; The term specifically refers to wedding in the bedroom.

liu yuxi “mighty lines” : & other; Bridal chamber with the candle, freed WuNai and songs. Throughout the &; Gu Kuang the song yicheng put piano guest: & other; New yan cage skirt mica light, zhu green water running bridal chamber. Throughout the &;

the ancient and modern novel & middot; Jin Yunu thin rods lover “: & other; Both worship heaven and earth and worship the husbands, ZhangMu, then pay worship to rise, to the bridal chamber to do wedding banquet. Throughout the &;

hong deep “housewife fan” second act: & other; Twenty years ago, after the wedding, men and women when it comes to love. Throughout the &; And poets HongMai in RongZhai essay: & other; Wedding night, gold placard title. Throughout the &; And so on, here & other; Bridal chamber & throughout; Are the couple’s new home. – Liu Shaoyi