Bei “thin gold thousand character classic” 140 million through one thousand, well-preserved

bei song “thin gold thousand character classic” (figure)

, shenzhen special zone newspaper reported 2, John qing flower auction co., LTD in guangdong & sponsored by other Pure flower throughout the years &; New Year’s auction in wuzhou hotel for the hammer. High-profile “thin gold thousand character classic” sold for $140 million.

it is known that bei song from this preview has caught the attention of collectors. In the auction, this shout all the way from the opening bid 60 million to 120 million, there were two hammer tuning of nearly 10 times. From shenzhen bidder no. 85 and 229 bidders from Hong Kong on the seesaw battle with each 500000 bids, the last bidder no. 85 to 85 from shenzhen had this rare treasures, and the audience to give a big round of applause for him.

after the auction, bidders, 85, Mr. Song said 140 million took this work, & other; Well worth & throughout; .

the thin gold thousand character classic is bei song in 1104, the paper used exclusively for the palace, with pale yellow, after one thousand years is still intact. Calligraphy with & other; Tang ning JiaShen broadcasting, information books give tong guan temple & throughout; Give right of northern song dynasty, it is proved that the work is bei HuanTong penetration.