Beijing ritan park the vernal equinox on death DianYi “emperor” popular

(& other; The emperor & throughout; Are citizens of popular)

today is the spring equinox in the 24 solar terms. After last year held a death after the pomp and circumstance, ritan park today, continues to the qing dynasty in round the altar of the park of the pomp and circumstance.

this morning, round barrel were three layers in the enthusiasm of people around the outside of three layers, for security reasons, the organizers limits the attendance of the barrel, stand on their toes are packed with outside to see the route of the citizens.

reporter noticed that live performance into the halogen book ceremonial, dance, and etiquette altar three parts.

before the ceremony started, & other; The emperor & throughout; Appearance, caused the people chase after hold in both hands, you are competing to take picture with him.

The relevant person in charge of

tells a reporter, death music is gagaku, consists of 16 kinds of instruments. & other; The emperor & throughout; , & other Sacrifice officials & throughout; Is played by ordinary people. Deriving parts, is composed of residents of the traditional instruments orchestra is responsible for the pomp and circumstance of music playing.

link: the vernal equinox is refers to the equinox, the fourth row 24 solar terms, at this time the sun’s equator, spring flowers, apr, is made, the field management; Sightseeing travel, etc.