Beijing’s Forbidden City open Huangji Palace before May 1 He is in the qianlong dynasty

the reporter learns 21 from Beijing, Huangji Palace will be held this year & other; The May Day & throughout; Before officially open to the public.

Huangji Palace was built in the qing dynasty 28 years (AD 1689), the early name tranquility and palace, located in the tranquility and the front of the palace area central axis, and tranquility after temple palace tandem on single stone stylobate. And renamed Huangji Palace, as after the emperor qianlong GuiZheng face toward the royal. Huangji Palace sits, width 9, 5 deep, from the system of emperor statue of zhou. Four drain powder gold PanLongZhu temple, overhead anise muddy gold panlong sunk panel, consists of the throne, grade second only to the hall of supreme harmony. Inside the left rear plates drip, right big they buy, making fastidious. After work, in 1979, restored the view in the qianlong period.

Huangji Palace in the past, and pride as a calligraphy and painting rooms open to the public. Since 2004, when the change later, Chen is no longer as showroom of pride, but planning to original state display area, its repair again. Cultural relics experts to copy, indoor throne of building decoration maintenance cleaning. At present, the staff is to hang the interior plaques, check status of cultural relics, and equipped with fence. The house will be & other; The May Day & throughout; Unveiled before, the audience may feel immersive atmosphere in the qing dynasty palace.

it is known that Huangji Palace not all-weather open, only in the annual ching Ming festival, duanwu festival, Mid-Autumn festival, & other; The May Day & throughout; , & other 11 & throughout; And the summer peak period of opening to the outside world. In case of bad weather, under the premise of safety in the protection of cultural relics, the Palace Museum at any time adjust the opening time according to specific situation.

in addition, the Forbidden City in Beijing and will be in this year’s first passenger flow small peak. On May 1, April 29 solstice, the palace will be on-site to suspend the ticket to the passenger flow, such as temporary current limiting measures. At the same time, the Palace Museum will open more booking channels, through the online booking system for tourists will be given priority to enter the Forbidden City.