Berlin “savages” human ancestor food restaurants selling 2 million years ago (FIG.)

Berlin & other; Savage restaurant & throughout; Items

in the more and the pursuit of a healthy diet and slim shape today, some people believe that the original human eat real conform to the characteristics of human genes, meet the health needs of eating. This diet is known as & other; The Stone Age recipes & throughout; , it can also be said & other; The primitive diet & throughout; .

& other; The Stone Age recipes & throughout; Since paleolithic, supporters say, and the human genome is basically no change, only four two over ten thousand; And in just 200 years, the human lifestyle and diet structure change has happened great changes, the human genome is apparently not adapt to the modern lifestyle and diet structure, led to many modern diseases, such as heart disease, obesity, etc. These proponents argue that people should return to the first diet, eat a lot of lean meat and fish, with the right amount of fruit and nuts, most would you like some vegetables. In simple terms, is the high fat, low carbohydrate.

they also believe, fundamentally, about 10000 years ago the agriculture is harmful to human beings, human ancestors by gathering and hunting for food but there is no milk and cereal, but they have developed and evolved into today’s modern human, therefore modern people should not eat these things. Starch, salt, sugar, dairy products, bean products, such as indispensable to modern people’s diet, is the group of & other; Throughout the contemporary cavemen &; The big fear.

in addition, supporters also argue that should follow the original hunting activities such as model, regular strenuous exercise, such as weight lifting once or twice a week, but to give up jogging and other aerobic exercise), to the sun for half an hour every day, sleep in a dark room, completely imitate life before the invention of electricity.

Berlin, Germany and a company called & other; Savage & throughout; Restaurant, which provide customers with & other; Throughout the food eaten by human ancestors 2 million years ago &; . Menu items including the olives, capers and pine nuts mixed salad, coated with butter or olive sauce for raw material with nuts without gluten bread, smoked salmon with herb sauce, and a variety of meat and fish meat, but absolutely can’t find common cheese, bread, pasta and other food. All these food ingredients which are organic, not processed, with some of the most original way of cooking, such as fire. & other; The material, we only use the Stone Age can find and according to the paleolithic diet the rule of law, & throughout; The restaurant owner Boris & middot; Wright – wave division said.

in fact, this diet in the early decades ago are produced, every once in a while will be back, once again become a trend. The German magazine der spiegel said, now this Stone Age diet trend also blew in Germany. Actor’s Leeds & middot; Sachs said, he follow this diet in 18 kilograms a year successful weight loss.

advocates, nature has opponents. Many scientists believe that any kind of diet, if it completely ruled out one kind of food, such as grains, it is not a good idea.

& other; Of course I will recommend people eating lean meat and vegetables. Throughout the &; Medical research council human nutrition research centre, Toni & middot; Steele said, & other; But this method is to people not to eat certain foods, and we have a lot of evidence to prove that the food is good for health. Throughout the &;

there are archaeologists say they don’t even know the Stone Age (time) for about 2.5 million years ago to 2.5 million people eat how much of these foods.

& other; Does not exist a certain Stone Age recipes & ndash; & ndash; The past diet difference is very big. Throughout the &; Archaeologist at the university of Liverpool John & middot; Gerry said. & other; The amount of African people eat meat less than many people think & throughout; , he said, & other; In the ice and snow in the north, people had to eat any animal they can catch. Throughout the &;

& other; I don’t believe what we already know the Stone Age recipes. Throughout the &; Tired university study ancient health and diet Andrew & middot; Doug Millard agrees, & other; We hold that evidence was distorted by the proportion of meat in the diet is not so high. We found that the restore bone, but because of vegetables is rot, we didn’t find remains of vegetables. Throughout the &; Doug Millard added that have reliable evidence suggests that in the late Stone Age near east culture, people regularly collecting and eat wild grains, this activity also may be more common.

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