Beside qinhuai eight colourful life best woman: the most painful failed to give birth to a son

Chinese name: Gu Mei

alias: shear wave beads, good to you Also, MeiSheng

nationality: qing dynasty

national: han

birthplace: jiangsu has (today)

date of birth: 1619

date of death: an unknown

career: astronomers

main achievements: the LanShi map “” nine Wan co-wrote with Fan Jue” CongLan closed volume “moran figure”

born in 1975, net suddenly, such as travel, cherlin rabbit and so on. Now the anhui the xinan evening news editor. Beginning in 1990, published works, including “misreading of red chamber”, “shuro gu”, “the underlying men love,” and so on, the journal prose had launched his personal album, in the Beijing times, “yanzhao metropolis daily”, “shenzhen evening news has column. A novel liu for more than a divorce “, published in the journal writers.

in the beside qinhuai eight yan, Gu Mei next good a woman, when she was young men fall in love, marry, still suffers bestow favor on, although no children life is the most painful thing, but somehow the last is the food on the table.

eyebrow floor storm admirers trouble builds Gu Mei he prowled the heart

about Gu Mei, how she grew up, childhood what is a girl, not many, but can know is that she is not a lack of money, is in the brothel has its own assets.

like Gu Mei & other; Male fans & throughout; Seems to be much more special, for the situation at that time, 闫红 so described, & other; To mix Gu Mei this level, do not need to prove by violence charm, an admirer of her skill is to make all sit to open a salon in a sitting room, play the study life, quiet heart, no bad feelings. Throughout the &;

love Gu Mei most men think Gu Mei love him only one, there are some people use to write poems to express love for her, the & other; In fact, the Gu Mei autumn spinach for more than a man, she use this mood, see have, a not fall, her eyes sow the wind to the quartet, not only ogle a handsome boy, let the frog has the feeling of disappointment. Throughout the &; 闫红 said.

Gu Mei living building called eyebrow building, but unlike xiangjun li shelter place, in the building where xiangjun li used to live is scholars, in the upstairs, eyebrow to are various, upstarts, rich second generation, official’s son is a regular and cultural elite. Because the personnel quality is various, therefore, Gu Mei inevitably encounter all kinds of people.

one day, the ministry of war in nanjing assistant minister nephew came to the eyebrow, the beginning, two people eye, make the ministry of war assistant minister nephew, very happy, but, not long after, he found that Gu Mei unexpectedly also play well with another people. So he’s jealousy hit, feel your feelings have been playing, drink a day on the eyebrow temper, let Gu Mei come down on his face. Has always been the men to Gu Mei passion, love, suddenly encountered such a man, she suddenly, don’t mind, also good have blue yan bosom friend who stand up, show their ability, acted as her escort.

life is very wonderful, often something can let a person changed his mind, to reverse the choice of life. Through the ministry of war assistant minister nephew this alarm, Gu Mei started thinking about his life.

Gu Mei after marry with a man’s double suicide die

from Gu Mei discovered after the matter, with so many people flirt, everyday living in ZhongXingPengYue, are false, and to many people, no one is truly belong to her, the more a man love her claim, but she is still a marginal man, she needs a man who can let her to rely on. So Gu Mei began sifting through the men around, this time, she thought about the Gong Dingzi.

Gong Dingzi Gu Mei big four years old, young, than take BiJiang thirty several pants to rush about in the way of the examinations, also on the jinshi Gong Dingzi twenty years old, in Qi water do magistrate. That year he north jinling, like the romantic wit, necessary have more evil tour, so understanding Gu Mei, fall in her boundless tenderness, not to think of the way back.

in the twelfth year of Chinese valentine’s day, 25 Gong Dingzi proposed to 21st Gu Mei reveals the meaning of, but that time, Gu Mei did not explicitly promised him. Later after the accident, Gu Mei was frightened, she decided to into the arms of Gong Dingzi.

women have marry dream, even a brothel woman, also have the same hope. Dong small just like this, the willow is like this. & other; Being, is the ultimate dream of every prostitutes, even if she is in the line when everything to rain in the rain, glorious in the heart, is still at the time of marry. Throughout the &; 闫红 told reporters.

, Gong Dingzi is Gu Mei marry the good person, but she still hesitate to marry later if he continue to love her, she was in his heart, whether there is a heavy weight, Gu Mei have concerns.

chongzhen 15 years, seizing a vanishing of Gu Mei determined to no longer swing. Because Gong Dingzi is still at the office, she acted as jinling outside the room first, after a year, she breezily to Beijing together, never separated from him.

it’s a happy ending, but, once love Gu Mei word liu fang, chose the most intense way of farewell, double suicide and died. Woman can like this over, Gu Mei should have more feeling.

instability Gong Dingzi three easy its main was inhospitable to

but two day didn’t live long, instability, siege, emperor chongzhen hanged, under such circumstances, the Ming dynasty officials there are three options, escape, surrender, or being. Gong Dingzi chose TouJing, but in fact, Gong Dingzi not TouJing really, just to avoid disaster, it was abandoned well, he took his Gu Mei hiding in it.

after goes out from the well, Gong Dingzi surrendered dashun, accept point to make, patrol beicheng. Soon, dashun regime fails, Gong Dingzi and surrendered to the qing dynasty, this kind of swing style make a lot of people look down upon, but Gong Dingzi explanation is that I was dying, not from any nai concubines. He put everything down to the woman’s head, as such a man.

after the surrender, there was no question of what Gong Dingzi official career, he had his own little wife invoked, so other people also followed his little wife and someone called him a & other; The Ming dynasty sinners, flow thief empire & throughout; And some say he in jiangnan daughter prostitutes. Gong Dingzi officer didn’t do what, also be by secondary, if for the average person, what we do have a shoot. But Gong Dingzi is cow, so with Gu Mei flings.

during this period, Gong Dingzi also left a lot of live with Gu Mei verse. Although outside the unrest, but time for Gong Dingzi and Gu Mei should be like a fairy handsome couple of days. Think Gu Mei should be thanks to the environment, to make Gong Dingzi and she is such a time, at least in those days, she is so important, and two people. & other; & lsquo; The fairy’s well & rsquo; , even if we can forget, but his political opponents, and a lot of nice people, is to forget. Gong Dingzi degenerate, often become public attack his ammunition, the odd thing is that he never defended his sentence. Are Gong Dingzi really simpleton, childish? This is to think of his simple again. He is going to a professional who have high intelligence quotient (IQ) low eq, but family has always been a master of the exam. I think it is because he’s very clever, the false that a very familiar with, only more likely to give birth to the tired heart. Throughout the &; 闫红 said. & other; If cannot really indomitable spirit, he’d rather enough to lie down, in front of the grandiose truth, ACTS as a rogue children. & lsquo; I’m shameless I am afraid who & rsquo; , he lay there, what can you do about him? Throughout the &;