“Best beggar” a designer national begging. 1 day won one thousand yuan by plane (FIG.)

Mr. Zhou in foreigners’ street begging, attracted a large number of people watching. Chongqing yuan tie li lion of morning paper reporter intern taken

& other; The beggar & throughout; Fly to chongqing, photographic take money

the beggar flying all over the country, a designer, hair style, many people put money into his bowl,

a suit and a tie, the avant-garde mo west dry hair dyed bright red, feet stood a plastered with airlines luggage a took to the streets in the shipping label must harvest ultrahigh heads of the men’s Mr. Zhou, if not the upper hand with a begging bowl, say what also with beggars depend. Yesterday, the shuttle in big cities best beggar beg, beg came to chongqing, for people to take pictures.

a designer photographic charge & other; Beg & throughout;

yesterday afternoon, in a elegant suit, head of hair, Mr. Zhou hand carry a 1.5 meters long dozen dog stick over his shoulder, hand pull a suitcase, in a very unruly, appeared in the foreigners’ street.

soon, he picked a did to the side of the road, put on sunglasses, positions, and began to put out different modelling, citizens can take pictures or photographed with him. However, he back to yourself with the charge standard: each take a photo for him, need to pay one yuan. If a group photo, should pay one hundred yuan.

the foreigner street around 3 PM, drizzle gradually stopped, Mr. Zhou stand for 10 minutes, in the street have won 12 yuan camera fee. And lovers, tourists, continuous shutter button around him curiously. The pictures of the chongqing morning news reporters found that many, but offer less than one over ten of the money.

Mr. Zhou does not come forward to stop people touched him free, designer eyeglasses behind the eyes, lightly looking at the crowd. At intervals of about half a minute, he will automatically change the shape, very cooperate with everybody.

& other; Look at his case and dozen dog stick, with the shipping label on the plane! Throughout the &; Curious visitors around him, looking at his body. Designer suit, sunglasses, and fine workmanship of the shoes and suitcase, nobody believes he is a beggar.

every day doing hair style a day at most to thousand multivariate

& other; I’m a beggar, believe it or not, anyway I is begging beggars! Throughout the &; To illustrate their identity, Mr. Zhou has made a & other; The beggar & throughout; Confessions. Looked at his printing on paper, people still do not believe he was really a beggar, a lot of people think he is & other; Performance artist & throughout; .

Mr. Zhou explained that they want to much, he is from hubei xiaogan, only primary culture. 14 years old began to go out into the society, to mix in the last year, simply invented gear of the photographic begging to the person. & other; Depends on the weather and luck, most time can make a more than one thousand a day, when the worst no income. Throughout the &; Mr. Zhou said that since last November, he had already gone 7 big cities across the country, his future plans throughout all the country.

it is no wonder that people don’t believe Mr. Zhou is a beggar, yesterday, he had since last November, starting from wenzhou begging showed air tickets to the curious citizens, from wuhan to haikou, to chongqing, along the way, please have a thick stack. People marvel, beggars begging is so exaggerated.

continuously someone give money he thanked the enthusiasm of chongqing people

not only such, although Mr. Zhou said he begs homeless, but he every day at 40 to 100 yuan of small hotel, on condition that must be able to wash a hot bath. At the same time, he should go to the barbershop cost 15 yuan every day in the morning, put his big red mo left-side, blown filar silk upright. Wear a suit, perfume, Mr. Zhou for instrument very much, he tells a reporter, even with people photography clothing is & other; Throughout the uniform &; , general service at most two hours a day. The rest of the time he was wearing his casual wear, wear to spend 4000 yuan to buy brand-name suit.

to beg go outside the national plans, Mr. Zhou has now go to the seven cities, he said he wanted all the way through his begging behavior, out of a little famous. His goal is to attend future charges eight hundred yuan meal, charges ten thousand yuan on television, endorsements, one hundred thousand yuan.

to his goal, view citizen, & other; To estimate is to want to red, feng, now so many people who want to red also. Throughout the &; Still, some people have put money to give him a begging bowl. Young people say, away from home is not easy, just when the help.

Mr. Zhou said that chongqing people really warm, two days in chongqing, strangers have asked him to have a meal, he thanked the enthusiasm of chongqing people.