Bethune and ceramics have relationship? Ma did not say they had to sell Chinese porcelain

read the ceramic, also read the history

sage has a lot of culture, creation, also write the script, clap movie, but ma did not going go the way of the collection. The story of the editorial was his most famous works, and then writing ran aground. Contact collection since he began in the 80 s, there has been no stop. Not only built China’s first private museum, renowned Chinese and foreign for decades he to grassroots body with national experts formed the cultural relics appraisal of tripartite confrontation.

now, ma did not new book “the color of porcelain” the classics and has carried on the elaboration & ndash; & ndash; Said ceramic.

the color of porcelain and ceramics not only on

ma did not say oneself more than ten years searches, natural can’t be going to write a book, but write a little every month every year, more than ten years of work. In the color of porcelain is ma did not mind thinking and reflection, may be a bit to read literature, this is an advantage as an interdisciplinary, jumping without lost in the two areas, and at the same time to absorb the essence of different fields.

reporter: the ancient ceramic said the book, but after all, personalized text is personalized. The book said in ceramic, but what is your heart want to say more?

ma did not: the color of porcelain throughout the book seem to be related to ceramics, in fact, related to China’s historical background at that time. I always say a ceramic history is not only a history of Chinese technology, and is the history of China. You read the ceramics, also know how to read the history of China. Reading while reading the history of ceramics in the history of China, but also knowing our ancestors of some of the ideas.

a lot of places is one of the features of the book writes very literary, record is my heart in a very true feelings at the moment, so like literature are also can be read.

reporter: color represents the character, mood, and even sometimes cultural tradition and cultural background, however, few people are willing to further study the connotation of the color. Comb color, comb in the national culture in your opinion?

ma did not: actually, we can see a lot of color is not the Chinese traditional color, such as blue, it isn’t our traditional color, come to the foreign culture. We Chinese people are very good at learning, no matter what culture, to come to China all into their culture. Today the people saw the ceramic might feel about color not so deep touched, perhaps because we today is an era of strong stimulation, whether color or sound, life, all aspects we are better than the ancients had many strong stimulation.

color also is such, the ancients see all the color in the past, in addition to the natural color is the color of human pursuit. The human pursuit of color can be generated. But today we a lot of color is synthetic, that is a lot of chemical elements, the color of the chemical is not in the concept of the ancients, so we have to be quiet today’s age look at history, back in essence from the natural quality of sensory experience, we in such a state of mind to see the book becomes more important.

reporter: at the time of the ceramic culture, the details of the harvest to make you surprise you?

ma did not: there is a lot of, a more interesting, is involved in aesthetic education is very important in our life. Ceramics is the most proud of our Chinese invention. Across the world, when can the Chinese fire very white white porcelain, the people of Europe after the one thousand years to fire in the true sense of white porcelain, from this point we can be proud of. So we study the aesthetic of porcelain also need to start from the little by little. This book provides some perspective.

Bethune is porcelain collection

the color of porcelain, ma did not have embodied in philosophy and literature. Ma did not ever mentioned, in a speech & other; White porcelain of the pursuit, is actually doing a subtraction. We want to burn white white porcelain, is to remove the impurities. The ancients fire this power comes from our pursuit of pure white porcelain. The pursuit of all the start is always simple and pure. Throughout the &; Ma did not put the study of all kinds of glaze color rose to the people’s spiritual pursuit to culture.

reporter: you mentioned that, glaze color is the profile of the history of the Chinese, so you hope that through this book is an expression of how about Chinese culture?

ma did not: talk about the problem of the book is very specific, is from the perspective of ceramics, from the Angle of the ceramic color pure to explore the formation of Chinese culture. No matter what color, such as casually as an example, black is not black color, is the end of all colors. White is not a color, is the starting point of all colors. There are all sorts of color among us from beginning to end, no matter how we dialogue and black met, are we in the accumulated bit by bit, in the history of the Chinese nation the accumulation is very important. The same is white, there are many different. In the description of literature, such as description of white porcelain in our history, such as yongle sweet white, ivory white and that of dehua westerners call white goose down, and so on the color of the observation, is also a white, is completely different. This is not the same as contains huge social and cultural information.

reporter: in your book, I saw about the content of the Bethune, Bethune and how ceramic contact together? You can but in what way?

ma did not: when Bethune young like art, not a student of medicine, with Ryan runs the British art, two people take to Canada to sell some Chinese porcelain, made a lot of money to come to China. Bethune died later, more than 400 pieces of porcelain on their family’s garage, a put a century, lang kiln green, it is very rare, are generally less objects, there are few such a big plum bottle. Because he has a lot of affection with China, because of the money later, like Chinese art, bought a lot of works of art, and sell the artwork, while medical, support China’s Anti-Japanese War.

ceramic personalized increasingly scarce

modern ceramic design and manufacture can be separated, that is to say, the technological level of a new definition of ceramic manufacturers can design by oneself, get special create points for processing production, so we will see different ceramic design, simple sense is the same.

reporter: modern ceramics with modern means of production, you have what opinion?

ma did not: scientific kill culture. The top scientific standards, culture. Standard things hit top, forced the top into a standard, can appear the problem.

reporter: so for today in the same ceramic creative artists, you have what opinion or want to say to them?

ma did not: personalized exists today have become increasingly scarce. Since the industrial revolution is a nature of killing personality. Only kill personality, there are competitive. After the industrial revolution, with the assembly line, for fun, time grew, feel boring. Industrialized production of a certain brand of a certain type of shoes, must be the same, but the handmade shoes, no matter how to want to sew into the same, are the gap. This is the existence of the personalized. Industrialization is the purpose of killing personality, killing by a certain amount of time, suddenly found that is hurt your own thing and industrial revolution, today also emphasized the existence of individual character, would require less number of custom. Many people afraid of bump unlined upper garment, is a separate custom, this is beginning to another direction.

Standards and requirements of

for ceramics, because today is to survive, to live is to the popularization of survival, to make this thing there is a market, to set standards. Instead of standard, is the survival of individuation, only need the existence of the artist. These artists are highly individual character, the value of the personality is different.