Bill Gates, leonardo Da Vinci 72 page of the manuscript had been bought for $30.8 million

was bill & middot; Gates to income of $30.8 million for a bag of & middot; Vinci’s famous “hamel manuscripts, 72 pages of notes to the Chinese version, and it is the world’s first book version. Yesterday, west China metropolis daily reporter learned from the Beijing institute of technology university press that they will this batch of original manuscript along with the authority of the British library do interpretation, translation, sorting, has been published. The press department of west China metropolis daily reporter wang Dan, a media manager stressed that & other; It is not just about the significance of translated into Chinese, but the first book version of the world. After the British museum in English reading, have not been made public press release. Throughout the &;

da & middot; Vinci life wrote the manuscript, tens of thousands of scattered around the world. But & middot; Vinci in milan writing during the period of 72 consecutive pages of manuscript “hammer” is particularly valuable.

wang Dan said, 1994 bill & middot; Gates for $30.8 million to buy the hammer manuscripts. After gates entrust to cracking of the manuscript, the British library experts and the manuscript every year in the world famous museum exhibition. & other; However, can have to see the hammer manuscripts of the world still few and far between. Throughout the &;

west China metropolis daily reporter zhang jie