Billionaire cultivating “artificial life” the human brain or computer virus infection

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, according to the daily mail reported that currently & other; Synthetic biology & throughout; Field is still in the early stage of development, we are now able to genetically modified organisms, 2010 had a billionaire entrepreneur Craig & middot; Successfully developed winter & other; Artificial life & throughout; , & other; Cynthia & throughout; . But the experts say, & other; Synthetic biology & throughout; In the field of accelerating development, may be in a state of out of control, the future hackers might even developed a new type of computer virus, infected with the human brain directly.

a NASA research project expert at the university of colleges and universities the singularity Andrew & middot; What nasser warned that human cells itself is a living computer, and the DNA is a programming language, the future hackers are likely to design the control of the human brain thinking viruses or bacteria. Genetic engineering, he argues, will be the next battleground in the field of computer, it is also one of the world’s most powerful science and technology, and other I hope I can see synthetic life program is used to solve the global problem. Synthetic biology is developing very fast, the development of the computer technology will be more than speed. Throughout the &;

what’s forecast, the future we can & other; Print & throughout; DNA, or even able to decode the DNA molecule. But he also warned in TXM technology conference, developed by computer hackers computer viruses and bacteria can enter into the human brain in a chemical form, and can be infected even & other; Control & throughout; Human beings. These viruses will be in the form of vaccine injection & other; Night at the body & throughout; The role of, to control the main body behavior. What’s said, in the future, we may have to learn how to resist and countering the synthesis of biological weapons.

security expert mike & middot; Goodman said: & other; Synthetic biology will lead to form a new biological terrorism and biological crime nowadays computer crime is similar to the 1980 s, at first few people able to identify the problem, but they will growth in index way. Throughout the &;

when a billionaire by adding the synthetic DNA to bacterial cells, winter finally & other; Create a new life & throughout; When Britain’s Oxford University ethicists, Julian & middot; Mr Ures old professor said: & other; Winter has opened up a gate of profound significance in human history, fate will dialysis human development potential. But the future may also be used to develop the world’s most powerful biological weapons. Throughout the &;

what’s future full of confidence to the development of synthetic biology. It is said that the scientist has done vas deferens surgery, because he never trusted way of natural reproduction. He said, & other; We are developing the synthetic genes, it will implement the organisms of cloning, and makes human reproduction become more precise. Throughout the &; Computerworld bloggers Dai Lin & middot; Storm said: & other; I know now there are still a lot of people don’t even know how to protect their computers from attack, so I doubt that at that time, if you were thinking when the attempted hijacking attack, whether humans can protect themselves against being controlled. Throughout the &;

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