Bing xin gravestone was grandson topic “godson” wrongly accused vandalism

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recently, the famous writer bing xin and her husband wu wen-zao monument in Beijing were people write with red paint, not until yesterday there were & other on monuments, Godson failings, the waste is table & throughout; Eight characters. According to understand, write behavior of bing xin’s grandson wushan. Wushan friends say, wushan divorcing parents played six years, unequal division of property, the mother seriously ill father never visit now, forced, can only write in monument in the grandma bingxin, trying to cause social attention.

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Beijing celebrity sculpture museum is located in the Chinese culture ShuiGuan at the foot of the Great Wall, on the platform in the park such as MAO dun, ye shengtao, xia yan all, bing xin couple cultural celebrities sculpture. Bing xin wu wen-zao couple in the last row and ponchos covered, see sculpture through covering ponchos gap written in red paint on the eight characters, & other; Godson failings, the waste is table & throughout; . Staff of the park, it was bing xin’s grandson, write the wushan.

yesterday afternoon, is responsible for handling the park head tie-jun zhang said on May 31 afternoon, bing xin grandson wushan bring people in the absence of register into the memorial, write down the words in red paint, also with a letter, content is bing xin family internal disputes.

tie-jun zhang, said about the wus contradictions and disputes he does not want too much evaluation, but bing xin sculpture of the couple is the park’s public facilities, wushan behavior belongs to vandalism.

tie-jun zhang introduces, bing xin couple’s statue was built in 2002, is a famous sculptor Zhang Dedi lady’s work, not belong to the cultural relics but also a valuable piece of art. But at the moment due to technical problems will dare not to brush to paint, lest leave traces, so can only use ponchos protected. Park has report to relevant departments for the matter, are negotiating how to deal with.

cause of family disputes

yesterday afternoon, wushan phone was turned off all the time. According to the day following the wushan, according to the woman go to the museum by her now for wushan answer media questions.

according to the woman, on the day of their line of six people came to the memorial, wushan took out prepared paint, eight characters written on the sculpture.

& other; This is wushan was forced to helpless way, in the afternoon he was very angry, also want to sculpture, but we hold throughout the &; .

the woman said, wushan parents divorced in 2001, but divorce lawsuits for 6 years. Wushan think mother is weak, division of property of court judgment is unfair, and the father is not good for mother Chen Lingxia wu ping in the life. Now mother had cancer, the hospital issued upon notice, wushan want to let father cared more about the mother, but the father always don’t answer the phone, wu ping & other; Actually the problem of property is only part of the reason & throughout; .