Bing xin son-in-law comment son scrawled monument: bing xin serious discredit irreverent

& other; I admit that this kind of behavior a little drastic, but think I aim to contend for assets is too childish, my purpose is to struggle for mother! Throughout the &; 3 in the afternoon, bing xin, the son of wu wen-zao wushan accepting a reporter to interview, for the first time in bing xin tombstone public response to brush the scarlet letter. Questions facing the world and the wushan, said if the father wu ping appearance has refused to give the mother a replacement, they will be some evidence from the public.

wushan, said his actions hurt the feelings of the reader, he is willing to apologize, but never regret, & other; I’m not for the money, just want to mother also a reasonable & throughout; .

Chen Lingxia wushan mother said very filial son but does not support this kind of practice.

bing xin tombstone is grandson paint

in Beijing Great Wall Chinese think church cemetery in the tomb of bing xin, wu wen-zao couples, on May 31 afternoon destruction, eight tombstone is the paint brush on the scarlet letter & ndash; & ndash; & other; Godson bad waste throughout a table &; And also posted print. Later confirmed that painted the words it was bing xin’s grandson wushan.

according to the site controller introduces, the motive may be wushan and father wu ping family conflicts and property dispute. For the wus property disputes and emotional disputes, some netizens think that some of the extreme and uncivilized. Events, wushan wushan friend said parents divorce for 6 years, unequal division of property, the mother seriously ill father never visit now, forced, can only write in monument in the grandma bingxin, trying to cause social attention.

the wu family said Wu Shanzai revenge

3, reporters repeatedly called the father of wushan wu ping, but the phone have shown to turn it off.

3, 9 PM, the reporter contact wushan aunt eiva, reporter interviewed Mr. Chen eiva lover.

for Wu Shanzai bing xin’s tombstone with word, Mr. Chen said, wushan and his father was a real property disputes, but that’s their affair, now implicate the old man (bing xin couple), is a serious discredit of bing xin’s image, is also the old man’s irreverent. Mr. Chen thinks, from beginning to end is Wu Shanzai strategically planning, the purpose of all this he did was to revenge his father to his mother, and at the same time in order to achieve certain purpose.

processing released on June 6, plan

for red paint cleaning up, he said, & other; This matter still encountered for the first time, we can’t make a move, or want to ask an expert to the scene look at the first, to see how to clean up, as to when to clean up, still need to listen to the superior. Throughout the &;

it is understood that at present, church has been in contact with bingxin children. For the destruction of wushan, family & other; Truthfully report, in accordance with the processing & throughout; . & other; , church will and bing xin’s family, the joint unit to further consultation, determine which one party is investigated for legal responsibility. Throughout the &; He told reporters. 3, 30 points, 7 PM, church manager li call reporters, said the company received a text message from the wushan top. Wushan offered to clean up the tombstone in the text of stains, but no apology. Think church, after consultation with the relevant units will be released on June 6, bing xin tombstone specific treatment scheme was defiled.

clarification for the property speculation ridiculous

crying divorce sentence to break the dream hope father give mother a account

the wushan first appeared as a mother be outraged by an injustice

three days after the incident, 3, wushan, for the first time in the face of the media, is personally confirmed his grandma tombstone with words. Wushan say they are paying attention to media reports, & other But some media distorted I mean, even there are some false reports. Throughout the &;

wushan first clarify reports on individual media, & other; First of all, I didn’t hit a tombstone, I just wrote in the above eight words, and I am for grandma made three bow, written in tears. Second, in the end I was not the police advised, but left on its own. Throughout the &; 3, a friend of wushan also confirmed this.

wushan, said he acknowledged the matter some drastic, but is forced to be father forced, & other; I do this, just want to cause a strong focus on society, to a keen to my mother. Throughout the &;

wushan, says parents played more than six years before and after the divorce, but divorce property division serious unfair judgment. Divorce division of three suites, a is his father’s house, a house is mother unit, another is my grandma’s house. & other; Father in grandmother live for decades, also did not give a penny, now the mother is old, he had an outside person, I’m sorry my mother also just, even my grandmother’s house when the divorce is to split! Throughout the &;

after bing xin gravestone was painted the word, some netizens think wushan move to contend for property, wushan says with a smile, & other; People with this idea is too ridiculous, I was the only the eldest son and grandson, grandma father has more than 80 years old, I don’t have to, after his property is not me. Throughout the &;