Bing xin’s love: liner last mistake for the two people life together (FIG.)

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bing xin and wu wen-zao (figure)

bing xin is undoubtedly one of the most popular writer may fourth period. She is a writer Chen Xiying said in the west in pond gossip & other Almost everyone knows & throughout; The writer. Literature, Yang yi bing xin said in comments: & other; The modern novel in our country, in the true sense of the first female novelist, is bing xin. She to the temperament of the poet, essayist in beautiful prose, novel writing problem, throughout the literary world. She is not only for the writer to win glory, and had won honors for early new novel. Although she later wrote prose, vitality than her novels, but in 1919 to 1919 the development of modern novel journey, she was leaving her lithe figure and the clear footprints.

bingxin, formerly known as Xie Wanying, born in 1900 in the qing dynasty style jisheng, fuzhou.

in autumn 1918, after she graduated from bei full school, was admitted to concord women’s preparatory study, university of science. Goal is to become a doctor in the future.

and bing xin in September 1919, in “morning supplement” published his first novel, the literary world. Porridge heart said: & other; I brewing, wrote a novel “two families”, very shyly to put park cousin. Heart with porridge as his pen name, because of two words, bing xin stroke simple good writing, and is a jade-like stone word meaning. Because I was too timid, afraid of people joke, bing xin, the two words is new, the somebody else see, don’t think about what is the relationship between the two words and Xie Wanying. Throughout the &; The joy of published makes bing xin is unable to put down that already & other; Written slide hand & throughout; Pen, and then have her work almost every weekend, mostly problem novels, such as “man gaunt”, “to the”, “but woe autumn rain man”, “ZhuangHong sister” and so on. Preparatory 1921 science department two years after graduation (note: the 1921 Concorde female merged into yanjing university), she will be changed into the liberal arts undergraduate, but also jumped to the next level, she determined to walk this road of literature.

in the summer of 1923, bing xin graduated with excellent grades by yanjing university in advance, and golden key award issued by the school to get the bachelor’s degree. On August 23, she on study in the United States Jackson, and on the ship she met a partner & ndash; & ndash; Wu wen-zao.

bing xin received before takeoff bei with middle school students, have at first to wu LouMei letter of beauty, said her brother Wu Zhuo also cultivate to go abroad, she more care, please. The boat the next day, bing xin suddenly remind of this matter, please her classmates xu dishan immediately to help her to find, didn’t think the wrong person, because that name is wu, wu wen-zao brought. Perhaps this is fate, perhaps encounter very fascinating. Professors Zhang Zhong fu later recalled: & other; On the day the ship most notable, be like to ms xie bing xin. Her famous works as early as the, beautiful and easy, no and decoration attitude, there are too many people with her. She later married my class wu wen-zao, is not thinking in advance. Wenzao is a polite, in the boat didn’t see how he pursuit. His success may be just as the old saying said: & lsquo; Place not many words. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

does meet for the first time, not only not flattery, wu wen-zao compliments, instead of asking bing xin: & other; Some book reviews byron and Shelley, is famous British and American critics write, have you seen? Throughout the &; When bing xin said & other; Haven’t read & throughout; When wu wen-zao is straightforward to persuade: & other; You study literature, the books you have never see! This time out, want to read more books, if not before time abroad, read some extracurricular books, so this time to the United States is white! Throughout the &; These words believe bing xin was impressed and different impression.