Biographer about zhang: he’s not justified the mainstream status

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With zhang yimou

time weekly: how do you know?

fang xi: zhang yimou when moving dig out some of those photos, talking about the story, literature, planning and execution of the hawthorn tree screenwriter lichuan Yin have suggested a book, because I’m in publishing, planning is also very well with literature, so there will find me, to do publishing consultation. I must be willing to zhang yimou’s book, I also participated in their discussion script, starting from the hawthorn tree, he relatively familiar to me. We chat is reduced and the stranger said his nervous and embarrassed.

time weekly: doing at the time of the book, you often chat in private?

fang xi: not private chat and many different people sitting around also associated with a book, etc., such as art, public chat thoroughly. One of the longest chat from 1 PM to 10 PM. I had a little meal take breath, middle and he didn’t eat a bite of rice.

he is silent on the surface, but he mentioned his expertise is particularly have look, he is telling his story when he was young, I was mad, vivid expression, voice ups and downs, more than one person ACTS the role of a few Angle, and voice, lifelike, a few minutes on average a joke.

he has experienced many hardships, but never chew the pain, only to tell you the interesting things, his life experience determines he is now such a man. You go to see the zhang yimou’s work, can understand his aesthetic tendency and how personality is formed.

time weekly: privately, zhang yimou is a what kind of person?

fang xi: do things very focused, professional, silent endurance, for very few, don’t love to travel, don’t love dinner, doing things, fun, very fun. I can carry things, can do things, can smooth things, but not to rob the lens, not rob work, never frequently explain yourself. That’s struck me, him have I saw from our diligence, self-discipline, shy, all the diligent people do not ugly, this is a source of fascination.

he is quite modest, not fake. Play session he will make their record book carefully. There are some things you don’t think you listen, but he is very patient and have a good upbringing. He speaks very directly. We say “hawthorn tree, there are a lot of advice, director, I can not take the ah, the film” has been to make you so, this play is too bad, it is a very good novel, but as a film is too thin. Zhang yimou said, now I also in preparation for the jinling thirteen women, but the script I need foreign actors, such as Hollywood actors have a schedule, the script need to give somebody else has seen, he has feedback after, can give a. While the hawthorn tree where he felt it let him move. He is very frank, you can’t see his place. Such as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games films have good influence on him is the fact that he acknowledged that won’t pretend to be modest, or seems very calmly told all I want to boast of.

what impressed me most, it is in the process of chat script, a small point, he immediately extension, build scenes chains. It is capable of craftsmen. Artisans have the characteristics of a large, they have the ability to continuously provide solutions.

& other; This more than a year he old so fast & throughout;

time weekly: you just said he is very modest and how would he thought of a book on his own, written by you?

fang xi: he said that in order to give yourself a mark, mark is a literary term, is left to his family, especially to his mother, also to his children. I think people in the age of 60, may cannot help looking back, to calculate the time of your future and want to do, and couldn’t help to think you yourself to leave something, it seems a natural law. I recently saw a few entrepreneurs, too, suddenly say I want to calm down, I want to write a summary.

time weekly: in your eyes, he is not an emotional person?

fang xi: he is quite rich emotions, but inside collect, compare. I think he even for emotional expression may also have some of his own taboos and constraints, this may be his experience and education, especially the experience. Part of my personal observation, he has a very delicate, but I don’t think he would be willing to very energetic to express feelings. Shaanxi man seems to really have this in common, is more patience, less words, more heavy. Zhang said he and his father and brother in a room, basically do not how to speak, but his mother is a very optimistic of a person, let every child feel full of love. Chen kaige also mentioned that zhang yimou’s mother, in her can’t see the point in the past, you think of that time with their family origins, s hopeless, but the old lady have been so optimistic open and bright, full of sincere enthusiasm. The old lady over 80 skin are particularly good, others ask you this skin how so good, his mother said that I have been use yu beauty net, naive, no dis-guised, she seems to give her all his stride fate. Zhang yimou, particularly exquisite expression and feeling, may be his mother gave him.

time weekly: zhang yimou, as if reluctant to say his family in particular?

fang xi: he said he had done the work, is can’t been exposed, but his family did not need to follow to suffer. He is a special love for his mother, his mother a lot of time with him, even premiere, go to Taiwan to go abroad, he with his mother. But in order to dodge the cameras, he often put his mother in a far away place, he did not want his family was chased by the media.

time weekly: do you know the that two or three years he happens to be his most difficult two or three years, have you ever felt his change?

fang xi: in the hawthorn tree script, the first time I saw him, he is younger than now, at least a dozen years old, is a mature man, the feeling of early 40 s, but take the jinling thirteen women, including to write books at that time, he aged quickly. I was in when you analyze his conduct style report to him, he said, I am not afraid of working more tired, many things can’t get, coordination and control, can’t that moment can feel people are suffering. In this more than a year, I think his old too fast.