“Blacksmith,” claims to take the subway to dig out the “China white” on

(trainee reporter zhao xin) take the subway to dig out the white marble stone carvings, ancient street Shouting price only $1500? Yesterday, ms zhao is on the side of the road in this bizarre scene, and said the & other; The subway workers & throughout; Suspicion, exclamation street deception is a playful tricks.

in thou farmland work yesterday reporter contacted ms zhao, she said, at half past seven in the morning, at the door of the bank of China, hankou road, see a dozen old daddy mother-in-law, around an old man, seems to peddle a rarity in the street, to see what is myself.

ms zhao, said the old man, about 60 years old, foreign accent, is selling a stone on the ground on the sack, and wuhan metro workers, she is selling is a antique white marble stone, was built in the metro dug from the ground.

ms zhao, said at the time the foreign accent & other The blacksmith & throughout; Offered 1500 dollars to the white marble, there was a bargain wuhan middle-aged man and his accent, the appearance of a pair of very interested. Middle-aged and old man make a counter-offer to 1000 yuan, said to go to a bank take money back to buy.

the old man said to himself as authentic subway workers, side also put a helmet. But ms zhao observed after think unlikely, if it is in the process of repairing the subway dug up, not only the one to see the old man, of course, it is impossible to into his hands. Besides the & other; White marble & throughout; On the earth is very new, and the colour is just daub, nothing like buried in the soil of antiquities.

said ms zhao, she returned to the company about this matter, a colleague said, the old man has more than once, often see their selling the white marble in the area, receiving technique like ms zhao in the morning to see the day, more confirmed that this is a typical street deception.

it is understood that the old man is also show on the white marble lit with lighter hair and appraisal method, but it cannot be said for white marble stone, was its mat when the hair is constantly because of combustion heat absorption from the set of items, as long as there is a cool sex objects or ore can achieve this result.