Blogger is green air-conditioning works too And a half months out one died of cancer

the ancients thought, cicadas in the underground 7 years of silence, to break out, and then sing sunny garden trees. Sadly, after that, the life of the cicada is only a few days time.

there is a girl’s story, vaguely like a cicada’s life. Only three or four hours a day, half a month to go out once, did not bask in the sun in a few days, so that more than a year, she wrote more than 300 words of network novels, this more than a year later, she was diagnosed with terminal illness.

Internet writers: carrying disease hard

BaoQingChun is zhejiang jinhua people, mother died young, family difficulties. Her character, strong and optimistic, with literature dream. In 2008, packet & other; Add red sweet & throughout; Web site registered a called & other; Green air-conditioning & throughout; Account. She written to imitate the style debut “the emperor also crazy” budding; After six months, up to the second novel of 1.5 million words “bride 18” great success, she joined the & other; Add red sweet & throughout; The highest level & other; Four drilling & throughout; Signing author, monthly income of more than ten thousand yuan.

& other; Four drilling & throughout; Behind, is the youth BaoQingChun overdraft. She Bai Tiankai with a store, stay up late at night code word, only three or four hours a day, most night can write 20000 words. A year, she wrote six novels altogether more than 300 words. In January 2010, BaoQingChun was diagnosed with lung cancer, died on April 2, 2012, just 25 years old. BaoQingChun by the words said in an interview, she is the most sad memories of the network novel this more than a year of time, usually half a month to go out once, closed-door conception, stayed up all day, did not bask in the sun in a few days.

a called & other; Les los & throughout; Writers from lenovo to yourself, & other; Code word from 2004 to 2012, now has 8 years, now check out have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, wrist tenosynovitis, lumbar spine lateral muscles moderate adhesion, mild periarthritis of shoulder, cervical hyperplasia of hypertrophic & throughout; .

novel sites: & other; With blood & throughout; The efficiency of

network writers overdraw the life, overfatigue, writing is not a fresh topic, but a young life that leaves people see is a commercial company novel website again when products available with the blood and other Efficiency & throughout; . & other; What is the ultimate purpose of a website? Throughout the &; Writers & other; Throughout the south China sea ten saburo &; Which questions, it is found that a man and then try to drain its economic value and abandoned, or to help achieve its growth, maturity and & other; Win-win & throughout; ? Novel site often took & other; Financial experts throughout the &; , & other Literature goldfinger & throughout; Image appears.

& other; 17 k throughout Chinese &; Network & other; As the authors & throughout; A column of the instructions in the following: & other; Welcome you! As the author, you can obtain good economic returns, we prepared for you so many incentives; And you can accept to our very professional editorial team guidance; At the same time, when you need help, our unique consultant center system, the author of also can troubleshoot, remove trouble back at home in time for you. What are you waiting for? Hurry up applied to be the author! We are looking forward to your joining! Throughout the &;

& other; Add red sweet & throughout; Network & other; I want to sign up & throughout; Column is so write: & other; Quickly signed just three minutes! You just need to full of confidence of work quality, have unlimited enthusiasm in literature creation and a click & lsquo; I want to sign up & rsquo; Mouse, ten thousand yuan fee would not be a distant dream, we believe that your work should have a higher value. Throughout the &; Writers & other; Seven feet lay & throughout; Observe: & other; China’s network literature has a pent-up traits of the outbreak. Throughout the &;

this website, the domestic large and small have hundreds, attracted millions of ups and downs in the writers of these super. They all believe that the Internet era will be the fastest speed, the maximum rate will & other; Literature & throughout; Converted into RMB. In fact?

reporter interviewed a dozen network writers all over the years is & other; Millionaire & throughout; , not pay, is a word. Are there in this line of words: & other; Not more than 1 million, 1 million, not less, the first 2 million words is the basic inputs, while practicing writing. Throughout the &;

writers & other; Promise & throughout; Three years has written 900000 words, income is poor, he only themselves to blame & other; Too lazy, write too slow & throughout; . Another writer & other; Optimal palace & throughout; A year and a half time has written more than 400 words, is one of the high yield, but his income can only maintain basic life. Writers & other; The profound and lasting blow & throughout; Joked that he devoted himself to the network writing since the greatest pleasure is to receive the payment, but the income is too unstable, not enough to support a full-time writing. Writers & other; Shaphan & throughout; Original writing in recent 10 years, online income just & other; Can barely live & throughout; And sighs & other; Novice difficult s & throughout; . At the same time, a number of writers from the sound of a complaint: & other; Website recommendation system is too complex, income categories is too heavy and complicated, such as guaranteed, divided into, subscribe to the reward, perfect attendance award and so on throughout the &; ; & other; Website very tough terms, such as some website to buy 5 years, 10 years his pen name, otherwise don’t take you to play with, and the site bonus opaque & throughout; ; & other; Only push sign an indentured to the author, with his earnings put first, the author set throughout the second & ability, ; & other; Promotion, published writers really is not easy to grasp the initiative that was pit can’t rights & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; Writers through all sorts of nasty, and glamorous & other; The contents of advertisements & throughout; In stark contrast.

reader: when playing online games at two eyes

new difficult in front, there is another reason, is the writer writing about all crowded together. In the only magic weapon to win is homogenized competition than fast, and more. BaoQingChun circle friends & other; Silence in glistening white & throughout; A loud exclamation: our industry is separated 3 years hedong hexi, who knows who can write how much. BaoQingChun recalls the earliest thoughts of writing is to find someone else write romance novels than oneself good where to go. Actually, this is most common in network writers to knock down the words. Have engaged in the work of the media & other; Tounokawa & throughout; Said, the network literature is the most attractive is & other; Free, low threshold, write again is bad also can have a place to accept, also can have the reader throughout the &; .

the editor of a literary site tells a reporter, the network novel is the main audience in the Internet bar, the young people in the game, on one side at the two novels, require fast, simple scene, character, and plot & other; Japanese & throughout; Figure 1, only joy.

& other; I know a lot of network novels were quickly made and was quickly consumption, and then more quickly forgotten, but at least I will remember what I wrote. Throughout the &; Writers & other; Stainless & throughout; Said simply. Writers & other; Throughout the south China sea ten saburo &; Told reporters, the creation so far, the total 2 million words or so, but the most proud of is the first volume of a novel more than 20 characters, the rest, he said bluntly & other; All is rubbish & throughout; . This does not mean that no & other network literature; Literature & throughout; , but the means to pursue & other; Doing & throughout; People will be more hard work.