“Blue and white porcelain” whether folk contentious netizen: the folk songs of blasphemy

recently, in & other; 1 love & middot; Throughout the earth philco &; Ceremony of the 2012 folk song contest nanning conference site, create “happy camp”, known as 15 years ago & other; The father of the girl & throughout; Famous TV presenters Wang Bingwen said, & other; Folk song & throughout; Refers to the lyrics, music, artistic conception related to Chinese culture, all the songs, as long as the song is with traditional elements. Under the orientation, including jay Chou’s “blue and white porcelain”, can also be classified as & other; Folk song & throughout; .

Mr Wang Bingwen is with hunan satellite TV to become China’s most powerful entertainment channel process is linked to the tripping of characters, though I admire him very much, however, as a study of folk culture students some basic common sense, have to say, about to him & other; Folk song & throughout; This orientation, I can’t agree.

in my opinion, “blue and white porcelain” at best, & other; Pop songs & throughout; , what is not & other; Folk song & throughout; . Why is this say? As the name suggests, the so-called & other; Folk song & throughout; Refers to the arise from folk songs, instead of a popular folk songs & ndash; & ndash; Some may is very popular in folk songs, but you can’t call it & other; Folk song & throughout; , and some songs in the folk might not be so popular, it is a folk song.

look from the history, the ancient have a pop song? About is not alone, at least not strict in the modern sense of popular songs. The ancient folk songs, sometimes to move, but seem to be also not & other; Pop songs & throughout; . In the book of songs & other; Huai & throughout; Is a folk song, that is generated naturally in the folk thing, but is & other; Hungry man song its food, making work songs throughout the matter &; , its main function is to & other; Will & throughout; Or lyric, although does not rule out some entertainment. A lot of folk songs is folk poet improvisation, unlike the modern singer, mostly people or composer song, even singing every detail is director of the others. There was no microphone, no film and television, even when the poet have thought to make his own voice & other; Popular throughout the &; Up, I’m afraid I can only in a small circle to do it. As for & other; Getting & throughout; , seems to be a popular songs, but is not the case. Now can see civil society in Ming dynasty popular & other; Folk song & throughout; , & other Hang ZhiEr & throughout; , & other The hinge of silver & throughout; , & other Play dates throughout rod &; Such as, with the modern popular songs which have some similarities. But if you compare their content, you will find that the sort of Ming and qing dynasties have thick life breath, word, and modern pop songs are mostly & other Meaning throughout time &; , that is to say, what you see is word coding and combination, and may not have much relevance to anything in real life.

to a large extent, pop songs is a product of modern commercial civilization and industrial civilization, and the modern media and is closely related to the origin and development of modern city. The function of pop songs are & other; Consumption & throughout; With & other; Entertainment & throughout; , instead of will and emotion, it pursues not & other; Meaning & throughout; . Pop songs have not from the bottom up, but from the top down.

compared with pop songs, folk songs is a product of agricultural civilization, because it comes from folk & other; Grassroots & throughout; Class of individual or collective creation, it is often difficult to trace back to its original real name, who don’t like pop songs lyrics on general will note, the composer who & ndash; & ndash; Folk music is emotional. In addition, often regional folk songs is very strong, in the modern media before, usually does not lead to a pandemic. And pop songs, though there are songwriters and songwriter, or print publishers, but beyond the concept of regional, tend to produce a wide range of popular & ndash; & ndash; If not a pandemic of a popular song, in other words, is not very well to complete its business mission, it is a failure of popular songs, and even not pop songs.

away as the agricultural civilization and the development of modern civilization, produce the social reality of folk songs conditions don’t exist, in most parts of the world, basically can’t generate new folk songs. Folk music is the treasure of national culture, therefore, to spread in the folk folk songs has been to collect, record and rescue work, should be on the agenda.

Wang Bingwen, argues Mr & other; Folk song & throughout; Refers to the & other; The lyrics, music, artistic conception related to Chinese culture all the songs, as long as the song is with traditional elements. Throughout the &; This is a very wrong understanding, because & other; Chinese culture & throughout; Or & other Traditional elements & throughout; Is a diverse, heterogeneous, all-encompassing & ndash; & ndash; & other; Folk song & throughout; Have & other; Traditional elements & throughout; , can be bound to & other; Chinese culture & throughout; , but special song and have a traditional elements are & other; Folk song & throughout; . Such as ancient court music, or created by literati, popular in the upper society gagaku, can’t call folk songs. As for the “blue and white porcelain”, but that’s just some classical image together, the word empty, affectation, flashy, if is a folk song, it is blasphemy of folk songs.

in view of the above reasons, I think, since it is folk song contest, there will be no & other Cry up wine and sell vinegar & throughout; And, therefore, & other; 1 love & middot; Throughout the earth philco &; 2012 folk song contest for entry song should have strict rules & ndash; & ndash; At least in the finals, the so-called & other; The new folk song & throughout; , in other words, it is & other; Pseudo folk song & throughout; , and “blue and white porcelain” this kind of popular songs, I come from.