Body painting practitioners: “do this line alive, it is not easy”


there will always be this or that contradiction in modern society, this is about to negotiate and compromise, there is no expression of civilization, just want to overwhelm the opinions of others, that forever also cannot solve the problem.

players liuying 24 years old, but is very famous in 798.

& other; Body painting & throughout; Is a quite sensitive words, often with exposure, avant-garde art, such as mixed together, formed a weird river’s lake, no matter how to stress & other; From the view of art to appreciate & throughout; , but helpless, many viewers is to seek novelty and addiction.

nearly two days, a female college students with a body painting way to protest the black heart cotton pads video becomes a hotspot, in fact, no matter from which point of view, it is a very conservative, very beautiful, they still attract netizens like tide of criticism, & other; Hype & throughout; , & other Fallen & throughout; Such criticism,.

on the other side of the phone, Liu Yingjun voice full of fatigue: & other; Yes, I do the work is, you can write my name. Throughout the &;

this is a helpless thing: we must live in an environment full of misunderstanding, or even no arguments, one day, the people will understand the power of the civilization, but before that, in addition to swallow, you have no other choice.

& other; To do this line, living is not easy. Throughout the &; Liu Yingjun said.

to drift all the way to the Beijing

I’m from changsha, 24 years old this year, since the childhood like painting, specialized studied animation. In the design of cartoon characters, often have a tattoo, etc., gradually to like. What I want to try, illustration, graffiti, tattoos, coloured drawing or pattern, is played.

was 22 years old, came to Beijing for the first time, after half a year in the country ran a circle, then to pursue advanced study in shanxi computer animation, after graduation to Beijing, to students in 798.

when I first got to Beijing too young, what all don’t understand, not too into, it didn’t take long leave, follow the teacher to do graffiti, tattoos, art things on their own enlightenment, gradually, I combine the feeling of tattoos and body painting, the effect is very good, and then back to 798, spend more energy on the human body coloured drawing or pattern.

body painting is pure more avant-garde art in the past, ordinary people don’t know much about, and today the European and American body painting more inclined to the combination of art and commerce, more delicate and perfect, I try it is the domestic first batch of such a painting painters. This technique for starters, can see the doorways, for the average audience, also can see a busy.

some of my work, after the completion of model especially like, simply make a tattoo.