Book revealed arrive died of sexually transmitted diseases, “die body canker”

in this paper, from the empress dowager, Gao Shulan, phoenix publishing

although it is that has no glory to fate or fair to punish his wild behavior, he died almost completely canker, stench, everyone stay at a respectful distance from sb, empty and his eyes full of tears of despair. He is the only one in the history of Chinese emperor died of sexually transmitted diseases, his death is a period in qing dynasty ashamed of scar, also a summary of his dissolute life, is a return to Korea as an opportunity.

word emperor degenerate soon punished, he has a slight swollen lymph nodes and nakedness redness phenomenon, but he is able to shrug off, also ashamed, so act strangely with palace and brothels, about three weeks or so, the virus has invaded his insides. Until stagnation thirteen years (1874) on October 21, stagnation emperor drive luckily xiyuan when catch cold catch cold, just hasn’t been feeling too well at first, one or two days later became seriously ill, bedridden, all the cure too much turned out, the collective consultation, can’t you, hard to parcel out, due to the rapid deterioration, the physician must took shifts, for a rainy day. After ten days of a afternoon, stagnation emperor’s condition suddenly increase, limb weakness, whole body weakness, fever head dizzy, no bump to appear on the skin rash form of a red dot. Smallpox is empress dowager cixi frightened to disgrace, don? Fulin with smallpox and untimely death, the emperor was selected as the imperial heir for ever had smallpox, big qing dynasty to smallpox has produced a strong psychological panic. Cure too much can’t. In fact they already know that it is more terrible than smallpox disease & ndash; & ndash; Syphilis. The sexually transmitted disease there is no cure, and death. The dowager ordered a drug to treat smallpox, flustered the pathogenesis of emperor toward mother shouted: & other; I don’t have to smallpox, you to kill me! Throughout the &; Though all were suspicious, but dare not say more, just act as the empress dowager cixi order.

the palace will not put this let what the great qing empire to shame, two palace, the queen mother declared stagnation emperor had smallpox, busy send blain god empress palace. God empress dowager command will blain face to yangxin temple, palace out the red carpet, labeled red couplets, create a beaming. Two palace, the queen mother day worship praying, hoping blain god empress reclaimed the smallpox and early, to three days later, and held a grand farewell ceremony, ready and send blain god empress Yu Daqing outside, paper of dragon boat, gold and silver olive-branch burning torches, blain god empress in ascended in the flame up to heaven, thus take word emperor with chicken pox, weather disaster. Word emperor did not get acne god empress providence, stagnation of emperor rash form red dot began to fester, inside and outside the court. A few days after, two palace, the queen mother to jingshan together pray for the ancestral spirits bless, bless son safe.

as the pathogenesis of emperor cannot afford disposal, can look baiguan finds, followed after all the etheric, trustworthy and almost no trust, he weigh repeatedly, will read off right and batch fold right completely to the royal preceptor Li Hongzao HeQinWang. Imperial power down must attract, Li Hongzao and deep game  self-knowledge, was modest, lest backfired, appeared a power vacuum at the moment. Stepped up to a year of the dowager had to succumb to inner ecstasy, she cannot sit by while sidelined, she will come to the fore, two strings, how can not trace, let her ministers take orally to please to the fore run the palace? This requires a careful preparation. Soon, directed by her a good game to play.

the morning of November 8, two palace, the queen mother in front of the word emperor imperial couch summoned the minister and minister of command, she hold the candle let ministers in SAN yan: stagnation emperor pale face, eyes smiled, covered in red spots. All ministers understand a truth: stagnation emperor illness cannot be cured in the short term. Out of stagnation emperor bedroom, two palace, the queen mother ministers are in government decision, please take a proper idea. Ministers immediately got the message, request the queen mother together with what’s going on in the world is heavy, power again. Cixi exulting, all as her wish, but she felt that weren’t enough, she would let ministers feel she can’t. In the afternoon, the queen mother pass in front of the word emperor royal bed again. Stagnation emperor look slightly stronger, forceful voice, but face rash occurs repeatedly, the individual place and pus overflow. Ministers face again too, please read all they wished, empress dowager cixi slightly dodgery, ministers again please. Stagnation emperor now agitated, leading a year, has yet to enjoy the taste of inevitability, the period of time is just around the corner, his heart has unwilling, but desperately, he is like an arrow to wear heart at this time, only to the exit of ministers, he will be full of red rash hands held high, let ministers to see clearly. Ministers are reluctant to tying again toward, but it is at this point, they had to mention by the request, the empress dowager cixi again coy, reluctantly accepted the request of the minister. Argue with son for more than a year of supreme imperial power once again return to her hand, empress dowager cixi only hide in the heart of the proud.

On November 20,

word emperor seems to be eased, red rash gradually disappear, canker began scabby fall off, but cure too much say & other; FKK unfinished & throughout; , of which the subtext of self-evident. Stagnation emperor still could not move, the whole body pain, abdominal swelling, soon after the illness more ferocious, swollen canker, canker in more and more, purulent blood flow in vitro, and the stench is scattered throughout the palace. Cure too much to use & other; For external use poison paste pull & throughout; Wiped repeatedly, abscess in growing, constantly expanding, from the waist and abdomen to limbs, to head & hellip; & hellip; And spread the whole body toxicity to spread the whole body, abscess. Cure too much people still use smallpox drugs, of course, this is the dowager ordered. She still declared stagnation emperor’s smallpox, just was increasingly ill news, she will be outspoken about ministers. Stagnation emperor gradually exhaustion, sitting up all difficulties, ministers also gradually lost confidence.

although it is that has no glory to fate or fair to punish his wild behavior, he died almost completely canker, stench, everyone stay at a respectful distance from sb, empty and his eyes full of tears of despair. He is the only one in the history of Chinese emperor died of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), his death is a period in qing dynasty ashamed of scar.

since stagnation emperor became ill and lost umbrella queen’s situation is more dangerous, she accused the queen is not good, will the emperor’s disease and waste of all the blame her, announced the queen is not allowed without the permission of her close to the emperor. Queen of injustice, but nowhere to v. Heard that parental daily word emperor virus has invaded insides, due to the spread of FKK, stagnation emperor even the gum is dark brown, queen’s worry about stagnation emperor would not make it through the disaster, but for a stone’s throw. The queen had a hardship, buying a eunuch, finally got a chance to secretly to visit. To the stagnation of the emperor queen bedroom when she saw his husband, although already had prepared, but she still got such a fright that stagnation emperor as a bad peach, scarred. Husband and wife of the four eyes, tears wet cheeks, our hands clasped hands but relatively speechless for a moment. Word emperor resented mother is not a day for two days, the sick, mother’s attitude is more to his heart, he also hope you have all the day. He tried to wipe it is the tears of the queen’s face, but he raised his hand and weakness, just forcibly took the queen’s hand, encourage queen: & other; You patience for a while, there is always a s day! Throughout the &;

speaker unintentionally, the listener, but this short sentence that she eyes and ears to hear.

she is processed back to the palace, the palace heard imperial secretary report already angry, rushed to the living quarters for the emperor and queen’s hair, face is a slap in the face. Stagnation emperor spirit collapsed on the bed, his hand clenched, his purple face, but can’t shout it out. Queen has always been cautious, dare not defied the dowager, by such a punishment, also don’t know how to deal with, the feeling be nasty under said 1: & other; Cry from qing of the door, please leave daughter-in-law decency. Throughout the &; Empress dowager cixi, myself, and concubines is always deem it regrettable, the queen will undoubtedly revealed her scars. Qing door is superior? She will give the little daughter-in-law a little color to see see. The dowager queen times immediately. Punishment doesn’t go to the doctor, and queen mother instrument, staff accountability in the palace is only for lowborn’s maids and eunuchs would use of punishment, but now for the queen. Queen cried, stagnation emperor but were unable to stop, in the past, I was so angry at that time the syncope imperial couch before a panic, the empress dowager cixi was ordered from the queen’s punishment. To this, the mother-child relationship has already gone, son’s disease has been impotent, she also not pity him, she would not let him again, she must keep firmly in the hands of his imperial power.

word emperor has reached the end of the fall down, after the shock weakening, was short, he has to save the queen. Stagnation emperor tried to hold all the attendants, queen and master Li Hongzao from secretly. Stagnation, after the death of emperor worries about his mother will put a young children, from the royal family to run state affairs, then life Li Hongzao quasi testamentary edict of adult more than baylor Shu as the crown prince.

after the draft of a testamentary edict to draw up with thousands of words, word emperor life Li Hongzao back to produce polishing, the next day he took out a formal text to see himself.

dying by the commandment, Li Hongzao understand of this component, he also miss and mentoring. A sleepless night, he repeatedly weigh, weigh the pros and cons, the second day early in the morning or the testamentary edict to the empress dowager cixi’s hands. The empress dowager cixi after watching the testamentary edict, metal gray face, immediately threw the testamentary edict to the brazier, testamentary edict ashes in the fire.

Li Hongzao to return, also let word emperor felt the smell blood. Empress dowager cixi to son only hate, she ordered off the main pathogenesis of all medical diet, all GongE eunuch out dry qing dynasty palace, without her orders coming in. CiAn also want to interference, is already overwhelmed, since she announced his own son out of the hand, why go to the it muddy water. Stagnation emperor hate their life in the imperial house, he can’t imagine what will under the queen dowager malicious hand, but he only stayed up the whole day, then died of the queen’s infinite worry, time of stagnation thirteen years (1874) December fifth, from his 20th birthday and will be past.

she gave his life, the but again mercilessly destroyed his life. Stagnation emperor died, she became queen too, there was no reason to power, power should be the root’s. But now that she has not taken more than ten years ago the imperial concubine, inconsistent record cloud, a hand for the rain cover, she has to practice to the point of perfection, she will not allow so leave his imperial power.

word emperor, empress dowager cixi put over the years between mother and son, old woman daughter-in-law animosity between all out to root’s o. O root’s learned that cried her eyes out at the word after the emperor died, all the day in tears, but she wouldn’t let her to LingQian worship offering, don’t let her out of the palace, she like disappear in front of the ministers. Chung yee saddened, but can’t for her daughter’s situation. The root’s privately sent someone to ask his father’s advice, he gave his daughter an empty box, hinted at his daughter die of hunger.

o root’s understand, oneself’s mother-in-law came to power a stumbling block, she will not give her the opportunity to live & hellip; & hellip; Even to push her father was on his way. O root’s and not afraid dead, but she found herself pregnant with stagnation of emperor posthumous child. One thousand is a brother, pathogenesis have after the emperor is not? A mother’s child protection nature make root o’s persistence and determination, and she tried to eat all the food, we can get trying to hide the fact that she was pregnant. Palace is too small, any tiny change all escapes the watchful eye of empress dowager cixi, soon she also learned she signs of vomiting, it is a signal of danger, she has been used, even if his only grandson also not line, as long as is an obstacle to stop her LanQuan, leaving her a. She just broke the root’s diet, two months later, o root’s just spit out the chest last sip complains, passed away with her unborn child.

now that she has not pose any threat to the empress dowager cixi strings, empress dowager cixi also reward her just a posthumous honour to show their magnanimity and rancor, she named her & other; Jia shun queen & throughout; , the sign recognition for her husband didn heroic act. CiAn in xianfeng emperor died on the same day as the queen mother, she is the second day after the death of xianfeng sealing for the queen mother, the stagnation emperor has been dead for seventy-five days, the queen from qing door but doesn’t even have a queen mother’s titles. Cixi specifically for the late stagnation under the emperor after the two an imperial decree, in recognition of her Gardner taken, will she and stagnation emperor buried in HuiLing dungeons, they finally can not with the influence of the queen mother of the hole but sleep.

word the death of the emperor and empress is but an episode in the palace, wave flat quiet soon. When it’s all gone, when the night, she will miss son, will heartache son died young, often chat with CiAn son naughty and lovely, but it is the story of his childhood.