Boomed stefanie sun’s music brothers: play music like the amusement park seriously

lee, lee Cai Song, Singapore’s famous music brothers, looks almost the same, has a lovely babyface, how many bring some happy feeling. They are in Chinese music guru figure, because most of the time working behind the scenes, and a low profile, the nature of fame not Kings days, but the senior Chinese pop music fans has been found in numerous classic disc must be their names, and other I grew up listening to their songs & throughout; Used to describe the fans for their good feelings.

in the 1980 s, one from Singapore TV series the bird of the end of the world and life, popular in Shanghai, the same theme song from the just way of lee and lee Cai Song brothers’ hands. The next 20 years, they pair of red singer stefanie sun, jj Lin, yida huang and so on, at the same time wrote such as “I wait until the flowers also thanks”, “one thousand sad reason”, “hair”, “chicken”, “miss you 365 days” and “at dark”, “sad romance”, “princess” and so on was a violin.

the twins love music, never separate, they do their music story written a book “our paradise”, recently published in mainland China. Holding a book, they face sincerely said: & other; We write this book, is to let the music listener know more about the story behind the song, in fact, nobody is smooth. Throughout the &;

two small fat music dream

reporter: you are twin brothers, interest in music grew up close?

lee: yes, we grew up love singing very much, every time cry for mom and dad to buy our record. Dad later told us, our grandpa once worked in their hometown of guangdong dagu principal and music teacher. My father and mother are all very love music, may be genetic. On one occasion, the kindergarten teacher to choose students prepare graduation show, but not chosen us, our mood is very low. We complained to grandma: when I go home & other; Why is the teacher not to choose us? Throughout the &; Grandma replied: & other; You want to show is to tell the teacher. Throughout the &; We want also to oh, find a teacher the next day, the teacher looked at us with a skeptical eye: & other; You two really can? Throughout the &; We also very fat at that time, the teacher in the mind thinking about: is really of! The two small fat can show?

we two are singing and dancing, singing and other The sun sets early in the morning tomorrow to crawl up & throughout; , Cai Song with dad to his toy guitar affectation, I knock the tambourine while dancing. Teacher first saw the show, we really surprise, I didn’t think the two small fat incredibly still have this skill, so let us on behalf of the kindergarten attend the performance. Also because this time, my parents know that we both have some music cell, so let’s learn the piano, then Cai Song drums, guitar, I tend to be more focus on the keyboard.

reporter: when you start writing music, should also is wu just beginning period of popularity in Singapore? When music environment is more conservative in Singapore?

lee: we began to write songs of wu also began writing, the appearance of the difference between before and after a year or two. At that time, the songs we brothers specializing in TV series, and hen walked campus songs wind, reached its zenith. Before, Singapore’s pop music has been no such pomp, until we started out. Don’t know why we this generation will suddenly come out a lot of, like we ah wu wrote Jacky cheung of her concert to listen to my local songwriting sensation liang wern fook, writing the love, like the tide to zhang xinzhe li boiling of the swing, including subsequent mavis hee, Chen Jiaming, Tanya chua, Singapore has emerged a large number of excellent musicians.

reporter: 1987, you receive the invitation of the broadcasting industry in Singapore, the bird of the end of the world and life, as a day of TV series composed the theme song, this is the first broadcast on the Chinese mainland Singapore TV series, let you immediately won a high reputation in mainland China.

lee Cai Song: very happy to have such a TV series can let the audience in mainland China have long known that the two of us. In fact this is not the first TV theme song, we write before, I and wei Song first took part in Singapore the mist nanyang “TV theme song writing competition, the results, we are all the competitors in the young, and his twin brother, television producer they loved and who love us dearly, as if we were their children, told us the story, please we help them write the theme from the TV series, the result is wrote” the end of the world with life bird “.

“I wait until the flowers also thanks” transshipment

reporter: are you now although gold producer, also produced a few early personal album, but also has not been performed.

lee: after Singapore rushes out a slice of heaven and earth, we want to go to Taiwan’s development, after all, the most vibrant mandarin music market in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Published before the album “play” in Taiwan, we’ve released five albums in Singapore, not a newcomer, but the problem is that you in Taiwan is new, so have to adjust to oneself is a new state. For example, some entertainment game, you don’t have any interest, but you are a newcomer, record companies, said don’t you? Had to crustily skin of head on, that is to let people unhappy memories.

reporter: have you ever had a studio in Singapore, the results were wiped out, that is how to return a responsibility?


in order to provide us with ground landlord was also a musician, we all respect him very much, very trust him, didn’t want to so many took place rent down, but I didn’t think he has also opened a bar downstairs! Very noisy at night, and recording will go in a lot of noise, can you say out good record? Results many clients can’t come to us again. Studio equipment are using savings to buy, is not enough, so there is a bank loan, this is all lost. Later had to clean up the mess, rely on to writing music singers, some live life. The poorest of the poor, both of us have tried both together to eat a noodles! Until we meet people, Mr. O Ding Yu polygram records of Hong Kong.

reporter: this has become a very famous story. You both for Mr Jacky cheung’s own producer European Ding Yu sung sang later a violin, I wait until the flowers also thanks. Is your own run to polygram records of Hong Kong to sing?

lee: yes, we had to each a record company, Taiwan’s knocking at the door, play their own songs to record company people. Polygram that day, we went to Hong Kong. Mr Ding Yu in, listen to me play the first, I wait until the flowers also thanks. After he listened to the very touched, also very excited and immediately clappers said: & other; This song must leave me! I want to let Jacky sing! Throughout the &; I very happy, of course, I just have some little doubt in his heart, wish: could it be true? Could it be perfunctory me?

he is our brother’s noble. Soon after, I return to Singapore, one day, a good friend called me that: & other; Hear your songs ah, very red! Throughout the &; Friend in Hong Kong travel, in temple street see streets selling is the record, I just know this record sells so well, so red in the song I wrote! After, I again wrote Jacky cheung one thousand sad reason etc, promoted degree is very high.

not tacky stefanie sun sing love songs

reporter: in 1995, started called you & other; Throughout school music classroom &; The music school. Stefanie sun, jj Lin and yida huang will go out from this. At the beginning what is stefanie sun in school performance?

lee: jj Lin is a school for the first batch of students, there is yida huang in the second batch of students, the third batch of stefanie sun. Later is stefanie sun first hair piece, because Taiwan men to military service, jj Lin and yida huang had to serve in the army for the recurrence, otherwise do half its army, and come back basic wouldn’t stand a chance. Yanzi just like ordinary girls at that time, when the school carrying a book binding a ponytail, wearing a small vest, with little difference now. At that time we have noticed that her voice is very special, very characteristic.

reporter: many of her songs and your creation, stefanie sun’s singing style is how to establish?

lee: I was thinking, yanzi’s first is not to sing that song road tacky love song do you love me I do not love you. After all, she is a college student, the content of the singing should be able to go beyond the love, in fact we write her song, subjects will be less formal, hope to have some different effect. Write “at dark”, because I just had a very good friends, the friend has a problem, every time when we met and chat complain there is a generation gap and his family how there’s no way to get along with his family, as a result, he is betrayed by a friend to make friends everywhere outside, so we have to go home to find comfort relatives. What do people like you say he? Family and love for you to cherish, don’t feel like family love for you is should, isn’t it? That suddenly have a feeling, I think we need to write a poem to express a similar theme of works to yanzi, so there will be a “cloudy day”, the song with the singer’s voice special deduction after really made very warm response.

reporter: what do you think about the draft?

lee Cai Song: frankly, in order to make (show), and (show), the meaning is not big. I say this is not aimed at which a draft, the draft is a platform, of course, but many young people are too confident, this is not a good thing!

reporter: last question, how can think of to a “paradise” of the book? Music is your paradise?

lee Cai Song: this book is our initiative to communicate with all of you first book, tell others how we write songs brewing some of what kind of background story. I think playing music very seriously, like you in a play in the amusement park, to play well, can we will do better talent.