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great poets in the tang dynasty (779 ~ 843) jia dao has a lofty position in the history of Chinese literature, his poetry QingJi flasher, acerbity, distinctive; His poetry is large in number, far-reaching; While his bitter Yin spirit, & other; Wash & throughout; Legacy is endless inspiration story.

no matter and the lecture, but try to jia dao, the poems from the perspective of psychological analysis.

star-studded awkward

jia dao Yu Dali fourteen years (779) was born in a 22-year-old young man (now Beijing). Is, han yu’s twelve years old, bai juyi and liu yuxi is eight years old, liu zongyuan, seven yuan zhen just was born, and Li Heze born for another 12 years before. Such a group of literary set in a generation, it can make a show-stopping addition literary world, pomp, but the competition is fierce enough to make these parisians during which people feel depressed. In the midst of these poets jia dao all aspects of the worst conditions, so there are the strongest depressive feeling, for the development of his personality and the formation of the style, has a huge impact.

together, jia dao disadvantage has the following three points:


one of, was born. Jia dao’s birthplace, a 22-year-old young man, belongs to the remote place at the time. The tang dynasty included the idea of looking, make & other; Born in PiDe & throughout; A lingering shadow became jia dao mentally. In jia dao’s poems, there are several poems written very intense, generous with his QingJi out-of-the-way acerbity overall style is very not harmonious. Such as “swordsman”, & other; Ten years grinding sword, frost edge never try. This gentleman, who is uneven? Throughout the &; Are some yanzhao elegy of style. Have xiao meditate and 2 first listen to leshan one plays xiao, sing praises to the jing ke, zhong joy yi two ancient hero yan. Jia dao the real intention of this kind of poetry written, should be a bias against at a protest. But this kind of fight and how powerless, and even oneself all can’t convinced. So in some of his poems, has repeatedly called themselves & other; Throughout north guest &; And courteous with something of helpless of inferiority. Jia dao after leaving home, except for a brief return, there is no return to hometown, until die. Despite a variety of reasons, but I’m afraid to land in the remote so not miss is the main.

second, generation cloth. If is located in the remote to jia dao psychological casts a shadow, so humble origins, but also the heavy shackles of set on his head. According to jia dao friends Su Jiang written “jia cemetery inscription”, a 22-year-old young man called creutzfeldt-jakob since the great-great-grandfather of jia dao without artificial officer, is a complete family of cloth. It in a family of tang dynasty society, it is a very embarrassing thing. He can only barely clings, is separated by one thousand years away and he jia yi. But this is how though, that can’t bring him any real benefit. At this point, he even than ill-fated li ho. Despite this, he still likes hang jia yi the ancestor in the mouth, hope everybody can associate themselves with jia yi, which regard sb with special respect or new views to him. He play in the month, the poem cloud: & other; Break the northeast cold month, Jia Sheng southwest. Throughout the &; At the time, & other; Jia Sheng & throughout; Already became a synonym for jia yi and jia dao claims & other; Jia Sheng & throughout; , during which the analogy meaning is very bright. On the other a “jia chang shi on another” poem, is more understand: & other; The body does not have own stand, purge 谈祖德 and open. Throughout the &; On the in a hopeless, prospects, the merits of ancestors, finally brought his spiritual solace. And this kind of comfort is also a kind of compensation for inferiority mentality. It seems this compensation to jia dao itself is very need. Because of this, he also often like to others climb to a prominent ancestor, such as in “deserves to peng sent” poem, bail for peng moved out of the han yu ji. Listen to leshan one plays in the xiao “, also called leshan people & other Yan will great-great-grandson & throughout; , yan will be here, when referring to zhong joy yi. However, the similar spiritual victory law manner, for radical cure jia dao body of inferiority, depression disease is enough.

third, people only. The production of his inferiority, repressed psychology, with their own conditions for talent reasons. The great poet jia dao time, almost have the precocious. Such as liu zongyuan from small & other; Jing min unsurpassed & throughout; , & other; At that time the BeiHang pushed back & throughout; ; Bai juyi, li ho might be more genius, about their precocious legend also more and more legendary. In this regard, jia dao is clearly far inferior. Si kong-tu once said: & other; Jia Lang xian cheng aphorism, depending on the whole, the mean losing heart. Generally attached to Jian acerbity, just can buy only, unprepared and also for the body. Throughout the &; For jia dao Yin, we should also seems to be to get to know it from the aspects of formation. Through the ages, the poetry of jia dao. In his “send no valentine” poem & other; Walk alone pool bottom shadow, number of breath from the tree body & throughout; Under the second sentence, on such a small poem: & other; Two other three years, a Yin double tears flow. Friend if you don’t enjoy, to lie down so the mountains in the autumn. Throughout the &; Two other songs three years, exaggerations, of course, but the thinking of the sluggish, the solution of difficult, after all is the truth. Because only pay attention to the exercise of words, and the lack of the idea of power, so sometimes will make some up jia dao. As he’s crying BaiYan Jackson poetry there is a cloud: & other; Write for doers of the word, burning and meditation & throughout; , which was pilloried as & other; And live throughout the monk &; .

unexpected achievement

it should be said that jia dao has high status in the development of the tang dynasty, he is the main contribution of the generation of late tang dynasty style. But it is interesting to note that the formation of this unique style, is precisely due to buried deep in his psychological depressive feeling of inferiority. Forefathers said he and other Born after li bai, find avoidance of qu, walks round diameter of the narrow footpath, aims to open the dough, then become acerbity a flasher. Throughout the &; (Xu Yinfang poem method extraction) this & other; Avoid & throughout; Words said very reasonable. In yuanhe poetic world, well-known ancient han yu meng jiao, yue fu poetry have emperor li ho, sound a seven-character liu yuxi, liu zongyuan stand on them, these poets jia dao is difficulty in to contend for strange fight with them. More importantly, the psychological quality of jia dao is not against monopoly. That he wrote to meng jiao an and others from the poem we can see very clearly that as in the cast Zhang Taizhu poem said: & other; The son dare not and, throughout a listen to thousand sigh jie &; And, in the cast meng jiao poem said: & other; Strives for the fulfillment of its trace, jun yue but can attack. Sip wave bowel full, yi risks difficult from god. Throughout the &; Which reveal, is sincere.

help jia dao seems to be a day, people who have no concern about the WuLv yuanhe poetry. Provide the opportunities for jia dao, enabled him to avoid all the way into the WuLv, and in the end. Ming dynasty scholar hu gave high evaluation to his WuLv achievement: & other; QuJiangZhi qingyuan, integrity of Jane, idle wan, wave the nexus of the immortal, although the early one, his tone is different, but all five alone. Throughout the &;

in terms of the poetic style, emotional appeal of acerbity a flasher can show his most repressed psychology. Because of acerbity style of the most basic characteristic, the pattern of lies in its narrow, give a person the sense with a kind of constraint. This is consistent with the psychological characteristics of jia dao.

character distortion path

about at the beginning of yuan and at the end of the zhenyuan, jia dao with on the desire of the desire to changan, according to the fashion at that time, began the activity for a famous film. Early to changan, his mood is nervous, because he didn’t have enough confidence on his future. This from his “with new notions of an han yu’s way into” the poem we can see very clearly:

sleeve with new into poetry, you would like to see a Korean old. Bamboo is not born wing, step Wan Lidao. Looking up at the blue ghost day, cloud snow pressure my brain. Loss mount zhongnan, disappointed with arms. Andrew mistral, body may become loose. To hear these words, only highlight surprised me.

in this poem, jia dao used symbolism, fully demonstrated his inner world. The poem & other; Bamboo & throughout; , should be the so-called & other; Word & throughout; With content, here is the symbol of his & other New into throughout the poem &; . The so-called & other; Not born wing & throughout; , is that his works can get the appreciation of celebrities, but doesn’t even have a little faith. So bad in the good or ill luck of wanli road step by step lingers. Looked on, a grey cloud in the sky, snow pressure yourself out of breath. This timidity heavy depressive feeling from heart. As is getting closer and closer to the capital, & other; Cloud snow throughout the &; Also more and more strong, finally cover the mount zhongnan, make oneself lose the goal, is infinite melancholy. At this point, he seemed to become a tree grass blowing in the wind, had to let at the mercy of fate. This new flourishing place timidity psychology, but it is human nature, just behaves particularly outstandingly in jia dao. During this time, jia dao core value for a lot of celebrities, the unexpected success. His unique out-of-the-way acerbity style especially get the appreciation of han yu and meng jiao, an and others, and soon firmly established in changan knowledge layer. , he in & other; The big not easy & throughout; Changan based did not encounter much difficulty. This one phase, is probably the most bright moment in his life. The original that kind of depressive feeling of inferiority, seems to have been swept away, showing in his eyes, is a splendid sight.

however, turned out to be surprisingly poor. Jia dao in the fame game fight more than 30 years, in the end unexpectedly repeatedly hit a wall. The blow, for jia dao is deadly, it directly led to the character of jia dao distortion. Please have a look at how miserable he wrote the first poem:

the first empty capsule, emperor township how to live? Xingyuan crow tongue, who’s drunk in flowers! Tears fall so far mountain, disease to long spring grass. Bosom friend meet is easy, solitary vivit negative openning.

he became depressed mood slowly, the original has been embedded deep inferiority mentality to again. But this kind of to is not simply repeat itself, but with a mad Juan perverse actions within the timid replaced the original. There are signs that jia dao as a young character is introverted, composed, sometimes some sentimental. He is a calligrapher, good writing official script. Chinese handwriting dignified, very strict rules, jia dao majored official script, and his personality tendencies, I’m afraid it; In poetry creation, jia dao is good at wu, this episode three hundred and seventy poem, three hundred, wu and his books, all law, not a archaism poetry. Wu is intrinsic, law rules, it also reflects the character of jia dao.

but, after suffering from repeated blows, he began the mutation character. Sometimes, he became more depressed, in the depression did for cool-headed reflection to myself: & other; Servant this hu is a person? Bit shoulder gong set. Vacant in kyushu, such as a cone. Throughout the &; (” less devious yao fu “) he realized: & other; Vanity do my things, the sun ACTS waste! Throughout the &; (lu xing) often hung yamadera wild view, came out from time to time to avoid the idea of secular trouble. This time, he is the most awake. But sometimes, he again became wild abnormalities, provocative, as if everything in the world is against him. At that moment, the poetry became the tool of his vent grievances. In “the first east to send Shen Xiucai” poems, he denounced the examination hall injustice, to turn against them and a sharp attack, it is so intense is one of the few words: & other; Litotes evil one? Sweet, such as silk. Who speak positively? Sharp as long cone. Throughout the &; & other; Destroy a jealous husband mouth, teng into does Wei. The first son don’t shame, but talent of shame! Throughout the &; It is conceivable that the poet was reciting these sentences, how excited mood. According to the tang poetry chronicle records, changqing two years, jia dao was 10 people at the same time, such as ping had was kicked out of the field, called & other; For a decade evil & throughout; , why things are unknown, but there are always some out of regular action will be one by one, is to be sure. Another legend, also can reflect the change of jia dao character: the then prime minister PeiDu ever built in changan XingHua, a luxurious house, jia dao trails in return pass, looked at great anger, immediately acknowledged a: & other; But thousands for a pool, not planted peach roses. The middle autumn, the court beginning jun know full of thorns! Throughout the &; This poem was written indeed, is also very powerful. If there is no emotional exceptional strong impulse, for jia dao, is absolutely can’t write out this kind of poetry.

jia dao goals in 30 years, is one day to yue longmen, get ahead. But the spate of setbacks, will never make this goal a pick grapes, hence to attain the goal to produce a strong envy and resentment. As he wrote in the disease of cicada, compare all those or noble to want to harm yourself yellowbird birds like the kite.

these behavior of jia dao, is built on the basis of despair about fame future this, therefore, regardless of the depression, the mad Juan, is lack of confidence, in the final analysis, is a form of self-abased psychology at work since he was a child.

acerbity style of psychological causes

in his poems, there is a conspicuous theme, is to write very poor condition. In art, this part of the poem is jia dao written of the most successful. It acerbity, a flasher, a novel on artistic conception in the image on the horrible idea, have very strong artistic appeal. Jia dao deriving some more for this kind of poetry. Such as: & other; I want to see the day, the snow to the sky. Smell of western piano of bed, frozen fold two three-stringed & throughout; ; & other; Disease horses, moving shadows move like yue & throughout; ; & other; Often fear more than tears, since the loss of two orders. Temples to edge are silk, not weave woolies & throughout; And so on. This kind of poetry, often easy to cause disappointment of resonance.

jia dao’s life should be a relatively poor, but I’m afraid not poor to like what he said & other Hungry & throughout; The point. Look from an, wang jian to jia dao’s poems, he lived in changan fashion have servants, and travel for the center with changan for many times, successively visited PuZhou, jiangzhou (all) in Shanxi Province (both in hubei province), xiangyang, jingzhou, BianZhou, gwangju (both in henan province), (zhejiang province), etc. If there is not enough cash, is also not possible. Therefore, in this poem cannot be simply regarded as the realism of life. nullnullnullnullnullnull