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he can’t wait to valentine’s day, and were married on February 12

us Daily News (USA Daily News) on February 15, 2012 –

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do you remember him? The unlimited Life (Life Without Limits), the author of inspiring evangelists, from Nick & middot; Hu Zhe (Nick Vujicic, port translation & other; Rick & middot; Throughout Hu Zhe &;) As a rare congenital disease & ndash; & ndash; Seals limb disorder (phocomelia), was born without limbs, not only had one like the feet of small meat ball hanging hung hung on his left thigh, mockingly, claiming it was his & other; The chicken leg & throughout; (a little chicken drumstick).

My only fear in life is that I forget how God has led me in the past. I only fear in life, it was him forget how God has led me.

Nick & middot; Hu Zhe childhood

Nick & middot; Hu Zhe diving with friends