Bow down one hundred yuan “cats” is the warring states period design reflects the importance of ancient culture

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report from our correspondent (reporter ShenZhiMin) recently, the netizens fifth generation 100 yuan existence & other; Bow down to the cat & throughout; (this newspaper reported on February 5th). Reply said yesterday, the people’s bank of China, the pattern of netizen called & other; Hide and seek & throughout; , is the pattern on the lacquer ware of the warring states period, but what is the specific pattern need expert argumentation.

& other; Bow down to the cat & throughout; From the warring states period

recently, a net friend saying that the fifth generation is 100 yuan RMB had & other; Bow down to the cat & throughout; . Netizens have magnified image released by the RMB 100 positive on both sides of chairman MAO’s head, there are three & other; The cat & throughout; . & other; A cat & throughout; If mouth upright, eyes big copper, forelimbs stretch. Beside & other; Two cats & throughout; Lift the front PAWS, into a bow down.

for & other; Whether to save bowed down to the cat & throughout; , & other What pattern & throughout; Reply, yesterday, the people’s bank of China, said after the check, the so-called & other; Bow down to the cat & throughout; Pattern as well as hubei jiangling county rain taishan during the warring states period unearthed from lacquer on the design, the design is one hundred yuan RMB background part of is neither netizens reflect & other Bow down to the cat & throughout; Nor public security elements, & other; According to the experts may be geometric lines cloud patterns, but what is specific, archaeological experts such as yet to be demonstrated. Throughout the &;

experts say or artistic processing

yesterday, the ancient collection collectors, Yang said on the warring states lacquer ware, bronze ware, and even pottery and other artifacts, such as birds, beasts, dragon pattern is more, and pay attention to symmetry, general & other; The designs in the one hundred yuan you can see the so-called & lsquo; Bow down to the cat & rsquo; A symmetrical, which conforms to the warring states period the standard. But the implements of the warring states, have not heard of design related to the cat. Throughout the &;

Yang, according to the analysis of one hundred yuan of the warring states period pattern designers may be adopted in the warring states implements element in the process, has carried on the art to design rework processing, such as deformation & other; Intuitive point of view, what the specific pattern is not clear. Throughout the &;

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yuan less ancient element

yesterday, coin, according to experts Yuan Yinlong contrast the five generations of renminbi issue pattern in our country, on the background of the ancient elements are rare. & other; Fifth generation one hundred yuan in the warring states period such as the ancient lacquer ware design elements, reflected the national attention to China’s brilliant ancient culture & throughout; .

Yuan Yinlong, according to China’s early and more renminbi designs to workers, chimney, Bridges, planes, ships and other elements, reflects social development and the construction of landscape; After more minority characters as elements, reflect the 56 ethnic unity, etc.; The fifth set of RMB is purely fundamental elements for national leaders face.