Brazilian men imitation green giant body couldn’t remove the green paint into a local celebrity (FIG.)

santos to imitate the hulk covered in green paint couldn’t remove screenshots (web page)

international online features: according to the British “daily mail” reported on May 30, and a man in Brazil to imitate the protagonist in the film “the hulk”, will be painted green, with green paint but the results can’t wash off the paint.

a man named Paul & middot; Mat henrique & middot; Santos (Paulo Henrique DOS Santos), a 35-year-old, villa Cruzeiro from Rio DE janeiro (Vila Cruzeiro), is a swimming pool attendant and radio host. In a race, santos decided to dress up yourself as the hulk.

& other; The hulk & throughout; Santos has become a local celebrity (web page screenshots)

santos didn’t buy in the shop used to skin color glaze, had to buy a can of paint as a substitute. However after attending activities, santos found he painted in the body was missiles and nuclear submarines special paint, could not wash out. Santos also worry about this kind of industrial paint will make oneself lead poisoning, but he doesn’t have any symptoms.