Brigitte Lin contact husband ten years ago by fax protocol sleeping (FIG.)

brigitte Lin from star to a writer, she also enjoy life to enjoy in the work. Taiwan’s “China times”

Beijing, September 9 (brigitte Lin married 17 years ago billions of millionaire after Michael ying out of show business, recently converted to the author, then open the weibo, just a few degrees in midnight think & other; Play crazy! Throughout the &; As a rich lady has three daughters, can be so free follow one’s inclinations, originally she and her husband has time as early as 10 years ago.

Brigitte Lin, according to Taiwan’s “China times” with Michael ying method is unique, Michael ying is a workaholic, for business on the mainland and Hong Kong, the husband and wife rarely sit down early communication, mostly by fax, last year after she learn computer to computer. Michael ying and his ex-wife had a woman, she has had XingAiLin and XingYan love two women, 10 years after the previous XingYan love, to take care of newborn daughter and does not affect the husband work, two people deal time.

Michael ying has founded out esprit of listed companies, then to investment in hainan real estate investment company model, although busy, but for his thoughtful exquisite, always try to come home for dinner, also quietly to brigitte Lin book signing after refueling. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a couple gets married, five years ago to buy Hong Kong flying geese mountainside of more than 800 flat land, ready to cover qian ping castle to his wife, at present, the market has more than nt $2 billion.

The husband flew all because of work, his two daughters also busy schoolwork, brigitte Lin about friends when the jury, TaoMinMing, such as shopping, a small card, also to learn social dance and fitness, and began writing this book, and now fans on weibo, no, even if the husband company, she also arranged life colorful.

2, open the weibo, she just a week attracted more than 80 fans, artist friendship, ejiao in their weibo welcome & other; The goddess & throughout; , she revealed to play weibo is through the recommendation of qiong precious jade, on her weibo share life and experiences, and respond to questions from netizens, often overnight, also will urge the net friend to sleep early: & other; Don’t hang on, my daughter is it’s time to get up. Throughout the &; Also smiled said: & other; I’m going to play mad. Throughout the &;