British artist with bread with yeast paste paint giant Jesus like (photo)

with bread to make a portrait of

electric 22, according to the report, recently, a British painter and yeast bread sauce with good at drawing portraits and fame in British society.

this is the 22 years old this painter named Nathan, now with Cardiff university fine arts student.

when it comes to its own unique painting, Nathan said: & other; I was away from the traditional brushes and canvas, and choose the bread with yeast paste as a way of painting, because I feel that the yeast paste with British talent show “X— Factor” judge Simon cowell is similar to people for their evaluation is & lsquo; Either love or hate & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

today, with bread and Nathan yeast paste painted portraits are: Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii, Amy winehouse and rolf Harris, etc., and in order to meet the coming Christmas, he also specially for Jesus made a giant portrait.