British photographer shooting in late qing dynasty: the first to see Chinese people laugh at that time

Englishman John can not speak Chinese & middot; Thomson came to China in the late qing dynasty, the winner in the river’s lake, met a voracious, into the palace, and to further close to civilians, record all of this in your photos.

article | thandie (from Glasgow)

prince gong yi? Why on the thumb rings? Why did he leave so long nails? The manchu women’s wear & other; High heels & throughout; (” a shoes) is made of what material? That pretty little bottles (snuff bottle) open the lid of the can? What’s inside? Why do the manchu bride dressed seems to pull a long face?

in the late qing dynasty broken shadow & ndash; & ndash; Thomson in the eyes of China “exhibition of the first largest city in Scotland, Glasgow (Glasgow) Blair collection (BurrellCollection) exhibition, the exhibition of people often have such questions.

my friend, brother, statistics of rutgers university lecturer, lisa told me the exhibition information, and leave a message, & other; I today to see the exhibition, Mr And great, was a real eye-opener, strongly recommend you to see! Throughout the &;

8000 km China

a sunny Sunday, my friends and I set out to Mr Blair house, look forward to John & middot; Thomson in the eyes of China is what kind of a country.

Mr Blair collection in Glasgow on the outskirts of pollux country parks, mine was Sir (SirWilliamBurrell) private collection, donated to the people of Glasgow. The museum collection of nearly 9000 pieces of art from all over the world, many of the Chinese art, including bronze ware, ceramics, jade, furniture, etc., total more than 1700 pieces of scale second only to the British museum and the Victoria and Albert museum. One of the western zhou dynasty sacrificial vessel is especially precious, the inscriptions and the British museum of Kang Hou GUI jie in pairs.

it’s interesting that Mr. Sir, have a special liking to Chinese art, has never been to China.

obviously, John & middot; Thomson than Mr Blair Sir Lucky. In Beijing, he and the minister of the manchu minister laughing, photographed them holding a pipe to chat; Under the introduction of wealthy friends, his deep courtyard, the women took the manchu women elegant dining photos; In tianjin, he used a camera to record mercy hall ruins of interior, church sea location; In, he saw the jinling machine manufacturing bureau master how to make guns and ammunition; In fujian, he and all spoke very rock temple monks, watching the farmer tea plucking; In Hong Kong, he photographed painter painting, how to do in the streets of beggars how to struggle for the life, all have a picture to prove it.

Mr Blair collection obligations commentator serena, in 1837, John & middot; Thomson, who was born in Edinburgh, his family was not rich. After school, John & middot; Thomson do apprentice in a glasses shop during the day, night at Edinburgh college of art (HeRui & middot; Watt) study at the university of natural sciences, mathematics and chemistry, it was also during this period, he learned to photography.

in April, 1862, John & middot; Thomson to already there to Singapore’s brother, and set out to start a photography studio. It was also in Singapore, John & middot; Thomson started travel photography career. He first traveled to Laos, Cambodia, characters, events, and site, in 1867, he returned to Edinburgh, published “Cambodia sites”.

China is John & middot; Thomson & other; Throughout the exploration &; The second stop. From 1868 to 1872, John & middot; Thomson for Hong Kong & other; Home & throughout; , traveled to guangdong, fujian, Beijing and east China and north China, and south of the Yangtze river basin, travel nearly 8000 km. China trip to John & middot; Thomson’s eyes, he became the & other; Throughout China &; & ndash; & ndash; In 1873, John & middot; Thomson published and fuzhou minjiang, before long, the publication of China and Chinese pictorial, in 1898, the publication of lens in front of China.

have & other; The soul & throughout; Pictures of

from Glasgow engineer tell me, Daniel & other; The characters in the picture is very natural, relaxed, different expressions, that was the first time I saw the Chinese people laugh. Throughout the &;

John & middot; Thomson not only took the portrait of rulers, dignitaries and scenic spot, he was shooting more or walking in the street or deep in the lane unknown to ordinary people. He is full of all kinds of & other; Sympathy & throughout; , the subject is permeated with: in all of his photos on the side of the road with relish to eat coolies, watching & other; Peep show & throughout; Children, in leisurely comb manchu girl, busy pedicurist, tea industry and scavengers & hellip; & hellip; While they are in the photo is not wooden and inflexible, their happiness, sadness, bitterness seem to write on the face, they are living, complete, personality and dignity.

official corruption and poor people is John & middot; Thomson wanted to reflect the two other topics. In a called & other; Throughout guangdong province manchu officials &; Under the photos of John & middot; Thomson’s own explanation: this position is a six civilian officials, his income is not high, but against bribery and extortion, his actual income is 10 times that of the office, or even 100 times. In a called & other; Labor & throughout; Under the photos of John & middot; Thomson description: labor is very poor, an able-bodied man to earn up to five pence a day, but also the most skilled technical workers earn 8 p. Hard life has forced many to seek overseas when labor, because China’s labor bears hardships and stands hard work, they are very popular in the United States and southeast Asian countries.

more often, John & middot; Thomson in discovery, capture the beauty in ordinary life. Narrator serena lament, see the woman in the photo, no matter they are rich or poor, would put our hair very chic reorganization & ndash; & ndash; John & middot; Thomson on Chinese women’s hair style is full of curiosity, he took a lot of the image of female headdress, from Hong Kong to Beijing, nanjing, xiamen, fuzhou, from hakka women to qing space space, comes from the cultivation of the farmer in the field to the bride. At the hair & other; Jing & throughout; At the same time, John & middot; Thomson wondered: these women for beautiful hair, had to sacrifice their comfortable sleep.

every photo in telling a story that has a soul, John & middot; Thomson’s camera really took people & other; The soul & throughout; ? John & middot; Thomson & other; Director & throughout; And took & other; Three people in xiamen & throughout; The photos. He let the two women and one man stood side by side, as a result, the three people below the eyes are looking at, don’t look well. Presumably, John & middot; Thomson wanted to show the men and women ShouShouBuQin cultural tradition.