British students face when “ads” rent day earned 400 pounds (FIG.)

novel face advertising

Oxford University graduates rose & middot; Harper and Ed & middot; Moix face as & other; Ads & throughout; Rent, from the initial charge one pound a day to hundreds of pounds a day, now has raised more than 25000 pounds, pay tuition fee loan to success.

entrepreneurial inspiration

Harper and moix is 22 years old, from the first day in college, two people’s common goal is to pay tuition fees loan after graduation.

Harper told Britain’s Sunday times reporter, with his face as a creative advertising space rent this last summer. At that time, he and moix are preparing for the final exam, middle eat a snack break, a sudden inspiration thought of the idea, fresh and fun, the mainest is less initial investment, operable.

last year on October 1, two people opened for business. Any enterprises, individuals or organizations can through the two website & other; Buy my face throughout the &; (buymyface. Co. UK) buy advertising space, charge calculation. Advertising is two people in daily life each and every one around you.

Harper said: & other; It is a little weird, but it’s very fun. Start making money with accounting to talk about some practical problems, there are some things in our unexpected & hellip; & hellip; We made full preparations, make it more like a job. Throughout the &;

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initial customers are friends and family, for 1 pound ($1.58) a day, as customers, costs rose to 400 pounds ($632) a day.

two people who are in & other; Startup phase space & throughout; , from time to time on the face painting, all sorts of advertising slogans and design according to customer requirements to go skydiving, and see the performance. Of course, these are the customer & other; Bill & throughout; .

at present, Harper and moix Ireland’s biggest customers are online gambling companies paddy power and the national security and certified public accountants, the latter has become & other; Buy my face throughout the &; The official site sponsors.

ernst & young is responsible for the recruitment of the accounting work Jane & middot; Robinson, said her colleagues to Harper and moix optimistic and enterprising, industrious, impressive, through two recruitment advertising & other; Very successful & throughout; .


from south London Harper is your major at the university of neuroscience. He said: & other; & lsquo; Buy my face & rsquo; Is how we used to pay the tuition of non-traditional. Graduate employment market is very serious, so we want to get around this problem. We see many students to apply for a job is not successful, can do any job that you don’t like. This business is a little different, started quite well. Throughout the &;

moix from Poole, Dorset majored in economics. He said: & other; The results exceeded expectations, but we know it has value, fresh, fun. Throughout the &;

Harper and moix preparation in the next two months to expand our business to the international market.

& other; Buy my face throughout the &; A lot of attention. , including germans and americans, dozens of students of the debt contact Harper and moix, two people want to follow & other Sell face & throughout; .