British woman has shed with bridesmaid wedding after three fiance (FIG.)

English woman kelly & middot; Diaz and the maid of honor Sarah & middot; Woodford wedding (web screenshot)

international online features: according to Britain’s the sun newspaper reported on September 24th, a woman from Essex county, after successively dumped 3 fiance, finally found his true love, that is the woman doing their bridesmaid, recently held a wedding ceremony, two people swear for life.

according to the report, the woman called kelly & middot; Dias (Kerry De ‘ath), 29 years old, is the mother of two children. She first told everyone in her boyfriend’s Smith orchestrated wedding, two people for the luxurious wedding belt for years, but finally didn’t & other; The daily & throughout; . The second is when the new boyfriend to propose to dias, two people break up.

the third time, dias infatuation with the men’s Nick & middot; Pham, two people started preparations for the wedding ceremony. Just six weeks before the wedding, diaz found himself fell in love with the maid of honor, 33, Sarah & middot; Mr Woodford (Sarah Mr Woodford), but this did not cancel the wedding ceremony, another the groom.

dias said at the wedding & other; I know this sounds like a movie, but when you fall in love with a person is unable to control. Each time when a man asked me to marry him, I feel very panic, until the last time before my wedding and pham, woodford told me she loved me, I didn’t think that my true love here. Throughout the &; (Yin Qing)