British woman wu chi Europe spread Chinese kung fu Had to wudang mountain tai chi

the graph is: during the Spring Festival, Lucia (white) and the master Yuan Limin (body) Lucia promote wudang kung fu in Paris

& other; The wudang disciple Lucia that bad, not only learned tai chi form, but also learned tai chi god! Throughout the &; At noon yesterday (people), CCTV news channel, the new wuzhou “special Spring Festival, to & other; British woman wu chi, ten years wudang work & throughout; , reported that the British wudang female disciple during the Spring Festival with master Yuan Limin Lucia in Paris (France), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), jammed madoff (Germany) and Rome (Italy) and teach wudang kung fu.

it is known that fell in love with wudang, ten years learning to promote tai chi now Lucia for CCTV center trainee journalist in Europe. Since 2002, she joined London teaches young’s tai chi master to tai chi, 3 years later, the area has come to mount wudang, Lucia met wudang xuanwu sent 15 generations Yuan Limin.

in the six months of wudang mountain trip, mainly Lucia XueWu when tai chi and program, its practice six to eight hours every day. Although a little austere life, she feel very happy, also learned some simple Chinese with the other disciples. & other; In order to make yourself a better understanding of tai chi, I started learning Chinese, systematically to recognize Chinese characters, writing Chinese characters & throughout; , said Lucia, the process of the process of learning Chinese and learning tai chi actually has a lot of similarities, all need to lay a solid foundation, step by step. Therefore, in order to learn Chinese well, Lucia had specifically back to his Alma mater at king’s college London studied Chinese in a year. In 2010, on the recommendation of the school, she is in the Beijing normal university. That year summer vacation, she went to the mount wudang formal worship Yuan Limin for division, be wudang female disciple. Soon, in the fifth wudang tai chi international fellowship meeting, she won a silver medal.

last year, Yuan Limin disciple to France after wudang kung fu show success, Lucia know teacher’s dream is to make the wudang kung fu in the world, known as shaolin kung fu, this let Lucia had the opening for the thought of staying in London. Then she and posted through the network advertising, first begin to attract more than 10 students. Although the location of the class is in a small community library in London, but everyone to practice very hard. Have a good start, Lucia hope to insist, wudang kung fu training and even better.

today, under the guidance of teacher Yuan Limin, Lucia consciously assume the spread abroad of wudang martial arts mission, become a folk ambassador in sino-foreign cultural exchanges.

Yuan Limin regrets ground yesterday told reporters that in the wudang mountain, there are many similar Lucia story, & other; Every year foreign students to study wudang martial arts has 23, ten thousand people, their stories of wudang is on all the time, was for the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges compose the new chapter! Throughout the &;