British women try “bed head” hip for a living For 4 million pounds (FIG.)

one of the UK’s largest cheap hotels & other; Premier Inn” Boss has made very move, for the group test bed for female director of hip 4 million pounds, because she is considered to be the group’s business is thriving & other; The secret & throughout; One of the.

according to the daily mirror, such as the British media reports, 39-year-old Natalie & middot; Thomas is & other; Premier Inn” Head of test bed (right), her job is to group the hotel bed try to sleep, and then evaluate these soft hard and quality of the bed, and for its rating “, so as to help improve the bed comfortable degree, hotel to attract more customers.

& other; Premier Inn” Hotel group has 602 hotels, bed as many as 46000 pieces, such as Natalie one by one to go to bed. To test these beds, Natalie every day with her team, on the run, at least 8 hours. And she will try on each bed for 20 minutes, and will give & other; Throughout the report & test bed; .

surprisingly, Natalie’s hip, has been the group’s boss regarded as business booming & other; The secret & throughout; One of & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Because Natalie to say has the world’s most sensitive hips, unexpectedly can in a very short period of time, accurately distinguish different degree of hard and soft, elastic, comfortable mattress and the subtle differences between various mattress & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; In order to accurate test results, & other; Premier Inn” Hotel group rules even Natalie cannot wear jeans at work, because can interfere with Natalie hips to feel comfort of bed cotton-padded mattress.

Natalie said: & other; We are very serious about his work. Test the mattress comfort is one of the key links to hotel normal operation. According to the survey, 63% of British people because of the mattress is not comfortable to be a good night’s sleep. So the hotel must provide the best mattress for the hotel guests, to get the guest’s high praise. Throughout the &;

is stunning, to protect her hips, & other; Premier Inn” Boss has decided to cover Natalie for hip 4 million pounds, which made her hips in the world & other; The most expensive hip & throughout; . According to the personage inside course of study to estimate, & other; Premier Inn” To do this every year more than 20000 pounds of premium, if Natalie hip injury is the group’s hotel business is damaged, the insurance company will compensate pays up to 4 million pounds in coverage insurance!

although premium price is high, but & other; Premier Inn” Hotel group believes that the money is well spent. It has been revealed, I do not know whether because of Natalie hip this & other; Secret weapon & throughout; In recent years, the hotel group business is very prosperous, plan in the next two years in the city of London to open 20 new stores. & middot; Want want & middot;

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for celebrity teeth chest hair

a lot of famous people for body parts & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Legs, hands, ankles, mouth, and even a chest hair thrown a bartender. British comedian Ken & middot; Dodd to insure teeth over 4 million pounds, the U.S. blue-collar rock godfather Bruce & middot; Springsteen to insure voice over 3.5 million pounds, celebrity chef Antony & middot; Worrall & middot; Thompson had for his fingers and tongue cover over 500000 pounds each, American country music & other; Lead & throughout; Singer dolly & middot; Parton have breasts covered with a 350000 pound, Australian cricket star’s husband & middot; Hughes had to own up mustaches insurance about 200000 pounds.