Broadcaster CCTV internship by subway commute audience: pure and fresh and slightly immature enough

in the last year for & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; Anchor OuYangXiaDan after joining CCTV introduce fresh strength again. A few days ago, in the brand program “news studio” in the morning, have appeared many & other Practice announcer & throughout; It alone. These new for college students, although to broadcast a slightly immature, but with its young vigorous spirit and affinity and attention. The personage inside course of study also said that such bold and cast newcomers phenomenon is very gratifying.

new at

all dark suit, shirt, tie, agile style, to conceal the couple of anchor ABC and young. Recently, with the audience found that emerge in the CCTV program “news studio veteran many fresh face.

on April 17 at 3 in the morning, the first & other Practice announcer & throughout; Zhang Zhonglu debut show, as the host alone. As of yesterday, after a week, Wang Yin wenqi, Sun Huihang, Liu Yi Wang Yan a bunch of new faces appear in succession, MiaoKai, Hu Yuexin etc, and three in the morning at this time also seems to be an exclusive & other; Test file & throughout; Every day, on time & other; Update & throughout; A couple in. This is the first time internship reporter in CCTV on this platform.

it is understood that these and other Practice announcer & throughout; Are in the school student at the communication university of China. Reporter from communication university of China’s official website to see, the school does with CCTV held in last year on December 18, & other; Construction of practical teaching base agreement & throughout; The opening ceremony, give students when & other; Practice announcer & throughout; The opportunity.

a school the teacher said to the reporter: & other; Practice announcer is through layers of screening out, they want to night shift, dubbing, learning to communicate with the staff in the station, the study, the six months, they average five hours of work every day. Throughout the &;

a CCTV staff also confirmed in an interview with the media, and other Practice announcer & throughout; Are college students. He also revealed that CCTV will choose veteran news anchor one-on-one guidance for students, the first phase of & other; Practice announcer & throughout; Zhang Zhonglu the guidance of the teacher’s “evening news” anchor Peng Kun.

audience response

they are fresh, slightly immature

although practice announcer’s debut is 4 three in the morning of sleep time, but was found that some of the audience, there were screenshots on the network, net friend’s attention gradually.

reporter discovery, the first of Zhang Zhonglu is most high praise, many netizens think he & other; The most stable, sound rocks a & throughout; ; The second of Wang Yin jiaqi is considered the most affinity; Liu Yi assumes, without wearing glasses is by netizens was rated as the most handsome practice announcer.

but also netizens pointed out that compared with veteran anchor, the practice seems too immature announcer: & other; Feel they sometimes voice trembling, news cohesion is not natural. Throughout the &; Some netizens think should give young people more chance: & other; This is a good thing! Who is not start from interns? Throughout the &;

students reveal

don’t take salary, take the subway to and from work

according to the students around them, a few people are into CCTV in December last year, after a series of screening before, & other; A lot of wheel, first school, and then is in Taiwan, a variety of screening and examination. Throughout the &; At present there are over ten people in the CCTV “news studio practice, there are girls. Voice acting before everyone has been doing, only recently began to appear in the host machine, currently involved in the news broadcast is seven people, everyone has a veteran anchor guidance. When it comes to choosing who to appear to broadcast news, CCTV is a decision.

11 when they began to prepare for the next day at 3 PM, & other; Certainly also trapped, but also very excited, also can not sleep during the day & throughout; . It is understood that they are now two days each week working hours, a day to do voice acting, news a day.

internship has no salary, no dormitory, haven’t graduate, a few people are still living in school, finish the news broadcast, we have to take the subway back to school, & other; From CCTV to school, take the subway for more than an hour. Throughout the &; In the students point of view, a few people business skills have improved. As for can leave, is unknown, & other; Many students have to find a job, for them, seize the opportunity to learn is the best & throughout; .