Buck posthumous manuscripts were found The Chinese manual product detailed description

since May 22, the New York times, the Washington post, us media have published the news said the famous writer, 1938 Nobel laureate pearl buck the first long nove on the subject of unpublished manuscript was found in the United States, and will be published on October 22.

Pearl (Pearl s. Buck) the name of this extremely has the Chinese characteristic, is no stranger to the Chinese people. She was born in West Virginia, USA and 1892 in three months is still in its infancy, was the missionaries to China, their parents spent his childhood and adolescence in China. Her lifelong love China and Chinese culture, the main works are mostly written in China or in China as the background. She done in China popular “the earth”, not only made her won the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 1932, also won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1938, became the first in the history of American literature writer winning the Nobel Prize.

so, such a great writer is famous in the world, how the manuscript is lost for the last 40 years? This work what is main content?

buck works again and upcoming news, is made up of buck’s adopted son, managers of buck’s literary heritage Walsh (Edgar s. Walsh) and the forthcoming buck novel of New York, a & other; Open & throughout; Digital Media press (the Open Road Integrated Media) jointly issued.

buck died on March 6, 1973, vermont, Dan, was later buried in Pennsylvania, Kathy. Walsh said, mother of four years before his death had been living in vermont, when she died, a mess in the home, has not been very good to protect her personal property, there are a lot of things stolen in the home. Should be someone from vermont buck took the manuscript in the home, rented a storage tank in Texas, after put the manuscript in the there. This is the reason of buck’s manuscript end up in Texas. Walsh said the work is a complete novel manuscript found, called & other; Eternal miracle & throughout; (The Eternal Wonder), buck cancer’s death in 1973 completed shortly but not published works, including a manuscript and a hard copy.

novel tells the story of a young talents Randolph & middot; Cole fox (Randolph Colfax), in order to find the meaning of life and the life purpose and traveled, the UK, Paris, New York, on a trip to the Korean peninsula to let his life have changed dramatically, eventually earned him a love.

Walsh said, when reading a novel & other; Feeling very complicated & throughout; . On the one hand, reading mother in his work he has a sense of history. He said he was reading a book when often have a feeling, as if to see an elderly have 7089 – year – old man is in of the scene, and she knew she was going to die soon, but still been ceaseless wrote this over 300 pages of the book. For the novel, on the other hand, he was moved and said the novel is definitely a & other; Masterpiece & throughout; . According to press director, said in the past, buck an important theme in all works, are reproduced in the novel. Whether the hero’s relationship with anyone else, or longing for love, including a detailed description of the Chinese manual product, everything here. She thought, buck this work can be called & other; Charming work & throughout; .

open press said in a statement: buck has led to a whole generation of people in the United States to realize colorful China and real Chinese, she is a link between the two countries culture closely. As readers in China, we are full of expectation, we hope to see buck love the life, are inextricably linked with China Chinese writer, in life will come to an end when how about China.

(the author Guo Ying sword for the central university for nationalities dean, foreign languages institute, Harvard University English department senior research scholar)