Bulgaria is the middle ages “vampires” bones the chest is nailed into iron bar (FIG.)

Bulgaria found & other; Vampire & throughout; Bones the chest is nailed into iron bars (web screenshot)

international online features: according to “daily telegraph” reported on June 7, Bulgaria archaeologists in the black sea city of Sozopol (bore) found two human skeletons of the middle ages, the chest were nail into the iron bar, this was the superstitious people processing & other; Vampire & throughout; Methods.

in Bulgaria in the Balkans in the past that was doing the rounds before evil will become vampires after death, in the middle of the night away from the tomb, go out to do evil, so after the death of the wicked will iron bars or rods into their chest, will they nail in the coffin.

Bulgaria history museum curator bo, dahl & middot; Dimitrov (Bozhidar Dimitrov said: & other; Until the early 20th century, the custom in Bulgaria in rural areas is still very common. Throughout the &;

the Balkan region there are many legends about the vampire, one of the most famous is the romanian count Dracula (Dracula), it is said that he likes to drink blood to knock the enemy for tied to a post. IfengLogo (Shen Shuhua)