Businesses launched qingming “grave” business visit spend thousands of burn

reporter Shao Lirong

the tomb-sweeping day will come, many in the field or the job is busy, no time to the grave worship. Some businesses eyeing this opportunity, & other; Agents throughout grave &; Business, as long as the employer to spend money, you can provide corresponding martyrs’s services.

recently, the reporter found that there are quite a few on the Internet and other Agents throughout grave &; Business advertising. Log in taobao station, found that there are quite a few & other; Agents throughout grave &; The service. The service can claim on behalf of the family grave, providing services such as flowers, eulogy, cemetery to clear, can even have worship, burn, firecrackers and other services. Reporter contacted a seller, he said the customer can provide grave time, location, requirements, etc., used after negotiated price & other; Alipay & throughout; Third-party payment platform, such as payment, agent for hire to the graveyard to martyrs, and then provide the whole picture record or video record.

costs, most cemetery in 400 yuan – 500 yuan, to add to their due to difficult to enter, need additional dredge, twice as expensive as a result, at least 1000 yuan of above. Some shopkeepers also according to different service lists the price list, such as & other Bouquet, worship and burn video + clean + firecrackers, a total of 1000 yuan & throughout; , but also in accordance with the single charge, such as pictures of 180 yuan, video of 280 yuan, 80 yuan, and burn incense eulogy of 80 yuan, kowtow, 150 yuan, flowers, 100 yuan, offering 80 yuan, the basket was 150 yuan, and so on. Customers can according to their own needs, customized, the whole process of grave last half an hour or so.

reporter contacted the a part-time for hire Xue Qin (a pseudonym), he is a security guard in a factory, but will hire part-time during the qingming festival. This year he posted through the network, a total of more than 20 single, shaving costs, earned a total of 8000 yuan. Xue Qin tells a reporter, he service objects are generally in the province, overseas, or work busy cannot leave young people, they choose agent grave and desperation, because can’t personally to the scene for the departed ancestors grave, hope that through this way to make up for the regret. In the process of agent grave, eulogy link is the most significance of the link, the customer will personally write a eulogy, and then through the network to oneself, others will also commanded his eulogy speed slower, don’t like to complete the task, & other; Some will even simple replacement family member’s life experience, in order to let me work more careful agent grave & throughout; . But Xue Qin said, who gave him the business customer, hope he to entrust the event confidential.

for & other; Agents throughout grave &; The occurrence of business, net friend & other; Valley the beautiful & throughout; Said the qingming worship is to relatives died of grief and miss, please & other; Agents throughout grave &; Has lost the meaning of worship, emotionally unacceptable also. Another netizen said, even if people outside can’t personally grave, he also would rather go to worship offering a sincere, a few years would not pay others to replace. An online poll, 94% of the net friend to & other; Agents throughout grave &; Is not supported, only 2% of the number of support.