Cadbury good concert has remained at her age

an interview with the band, founder and guitarist Noel el

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& other; Twenty years passed, we realized that outside the band have a wider world, when you’re 20 years old, it’s not a big responsibility, music is you of everything, and now, we need to be responsible for all life & throughout; .

your correspondent xianguang guo Kimico hin & have spent Beijing

as if take out joint sign, TheCranberries, is slightly acid small berries, also is Irish national band cranberries – the target text, or cadbury. After this time, a kind of translation to win, to play in a band on a poster at the first China tour. Someone standing at the gate of the stadium whisper: & other; Not a small red berries? How to get cadbury? Throughout the &; This must be the old fans.

& other; Nevergrowold TheCranberries, youandme. Throughout the &; (cranberries, you and me, forever not old.) On July 28, Beijing wukesong stadium, to get desired card cadbury concert admission in the crowd, several young men in big red banners, shyly, called the camera. “Youandme” and “the nevergrowold”, is the most famous songs.

a sharp girl from a few steps outside, with the rock singer will sing like no one’s watching & other; Salvation, salvation (save) & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Voice finally not far over the loudspeakers broadcast & other; Daughter beautiful not beautiful & throughout; .

after 70 minutes, “salvation” on the stage of the wukesong stadium. Female vocalist Doris on Indian feather hat, dressed in black, arm toward the sky, like lead a tribe in the emirates, sings a & other; Salvation” , put the receiver to the audience, listen to the whole human her pharyngeal pick & other; Salvationisfree (save is free) & throughout; .

stadium of 18000 people, to the far eight years ago to dissolve the band, even ninety percent attendance.

when the top a head of red hair, Doris was 40 years old and is still thin, although there are a little bit fat belly. Still short hair, although change from red to black. Still smoky eye makeup look sharp. Still follow music drums at random swinging arm and head, wanton dance, like wooden bridge walk, or bouncing beast. The most important of all, still have to be a good voice, you can use the most ethereal voice singing the DyingInTheSun (away) in the sun, can also sing with the voice of the most explosive “Zombie (walking).

they are about to release a new album, the album has once every 10 years. & other; The style of the new album like our original of the two, we added some new, experimental element, also more mature, but feel like back to the starting point. Throughout the &; Band founder, el told this newspaper said in an interview with a guitarist.

forever not old

card cadbury band album sold more than 25 million copies worldwide in 2003, to have gone dissolved.

for many year holding cassettes and showing cracked CD of Chinese youth, the 1990 s of the band was the idol of youth accompany them grow up.

cadbury even break into the Chinese public view for several times: in 1994, also called Shirley wong faye wong cover “Dreams”, cut like dorothy’s iconic flat; In 2002, Japan and South Korea at the World Cup, CCTV5 with a soundtrack, “the DyingInTheSun” become a farewell, such as France and Argentina team strong tear gas; In 2005, li yuchun still on the stage of super girls “Zombie” – their songs popular in China, but the band name has been very strange for the masses.

keep two-year make the rhythm of the album, cadbury is not in a hurry publicity, even in the most red band, they still walk down the street at random, will not cause the onlookers, Doris recalls.

but as she sang: in “Dreams” and other Changes in my life everyday, in every possible, and my dream, never like it looks like uptight. Throughout the &; Cadbury’s dissolution is because they are tired of star life. In before the start of an American tour, 4 people sitting in the background to chat, turns out to be the same mood, & other; We think this life is no longer interesting & throughout; The drummer, says. Doris feel & other; Like a goods & throughout; .

as early as 1996, Doris is trying to get away from the public eye. Third album is issued at that time, cadbury “TotheFaithfulDeparted (death to the people), Doris started suffering for fame woes – intensive schedule, expensive tickets and investment, many people hard to prepare, more long awaited, & other; As if the whole world is out of breath, I was caught in the middle, to adapt to it all, but has run out of energy. Throughout the &;

at the time she weighed only 90 pounds, with media reports said she suffered from anorexia, but is actually a nervous breakdown. Doris even so to see the psychological doctor. An overseas tour, she missed the grandmother’s funeral, the performance of all tracks are she sings very sad depression.

& other; I want to go home. Please let me leave the public eye, the camera. People do not seem to really care about me. Throughout the &;

, the world outside the music

13 years, 5 albums, countless concerts, one hundred million people screaming. Cadbury became famous, the average age of the band members under twenty years old. Now, once sang insecurity of four young people, have been married and have children.

north el said: & other; Twenty years passed, we realized that outside our band has a wider world, when you’re 20 years old, it’s not a big responsibility, music is you of everything, and now, we need to responsible for all of life. Throughout the &;

in fade away day, Noel to continue his creation, and, in collaboration with other band fee in Galveston and concentrate on developing their own studio, mike, use the time opened his own restaurant in my hometown.

Doris and her husband live in remote towns on the edge of lake Ontario, send eldest son and daughter to go to school early every day, and go out for a walk by himself. Yoga in the afternoon, do household chores, preparing dinner, take the children to come back, urging them to do their homework, make them go to bed, she look at television programs — funniest home videos.

& other; In life, I never lack of inspiration. I don’t want to be the kind of person who always on the road, also don’t want to always stay in the studio, I hope to have more time to stay with his family. Throughout the &; Son will recommend her latest pop music now, Doris said: & other; This is good with children, will help you stay fashionable. Throughout the &;

she had write oneself for the love of family life in the song. In the fifth album WakeUpAndSmellTheCoffee (get up smell of coffee), she has written the NeverGrowOld (old) forever “, says is his story – one day, she pushes her children go to the suburbs for an outing, the youngest daughter was sleeping, his son still awake, she looked at them, think that moment is perfect. She thought of his childhood, to look like was riding in the car, looking at the sky and thought, the birds fly so high.

cadbury’s four musicians were born in the same place – a limerick. The first time they had to & other; Cranberries & throughout; The name of the stage is the bar in the small town, to warm the other band. Sang 6 in total, so-so, half half mangled. Lead singer too hard and other musicians are intensely staring at the floor, & other; Our nearest audience like sculpture woodenly stood & throughout; Doris recalls.

band reunited in 2009, started a new round of global tour this year. Everybody agreed, tour lasted 6 weeks, then you must back to their homes.

six years, restructuring the rehearsal again, someone will always remember the old arrangement. To music than language works, recalled all memories, and soon, we found the sense again.

& have spent

Beijing concert, singing “DyingInTheSun, Doris faded black coat, with long white dress and not jump, quietly playing, playing two white beam on her body, behind the white smoke in a cage. In the BBS, is one of the most popular posts: who is crying when heard this song?

good music isn’t preaching

character weekly: a lot of fans appreciate you that a few social criticism songs, such as the “Zombie” and “Dyinginthesun, less late why such work?

north el: on the whole, most of our songs are on the discussion of the relationship of the people, nothing is more important than this thing. And songs such as “Zombie”, just because the reality of the incident was caught our inspiration and attention. The attention to political and social problems is not our plan, and also without spending too much time to specifically for creation. Our new album this year is not too much related to political content.

character weekly: how do you reflect relationships in creation?

north el: Doris is responsible for the lyrics, she can write down the things she was attracted, may be her children, her husband, also may be I, or were you even she had noticed on a CNN news. We don’t have a design in advance to write a certain style of the song, just the touch of the focusing on the present. We work hard to create good music, good music will not grow old, it will always stay in that age. Tide comes to go, we insist on his own music, not because what kind of music can help you sell more records and creation.

character weekly: how do you think of BobDylan and U2? They are more directly involved in social movements, and often speak in a high-profile media.

north el: no matter what they do, they do is good music, not like other bands will take their music and the idea of forced to sell to you, tell you should and should not believe what we believe. U2 just see, think of them sing, not preach, it is easier to let the audience resonate. I think it was good or bad the dividing line between this day and age. Everyone’s life experience is different, along with the growth of music is different also, to put it all together to think and express, that is what we want to do.

character week: do you notice the change of the audience? Whether or not they also love music, and actively give you response?

north el: the big difference is that the music industry. Every era has its own band, music, and the audience, but now changed the way people consume music, more people are used to download many record company has bowed their heads. In recent years, they have destroyed many excellent bands, as long as the first album is not popular, it may be no chance to turn over, fame even harder. This is the age of the and we started out. We are very old-fashioned, send the Demo to record labels, or get the contract, or not.

fans will continue to express their feelings about music and hate, we are very surprised to see many audiences of different ages in the crowd, they may hear our music from their parents. We are glad to see young people come up with.