Calligraphy mad copy “MAO” 40 years expression manners imitation of chairman MAO (FIG.)

graph: Song Mingzheng show hundreds of meters long calligraphy. Reporter Liang Chao taken

1.80 meters height, burly, spoke gestures outsize, yesterday at noon, a 58-year-old Song Mingzheng stood in front of reporters, none miserly to introduce his calligraphy. When the reporter found his tone and movement of deja vu, he said: & other; Perhaps study MAO body calligraphy, so I look subconscious imitation of chairman MAO’s behavior. Throughout the &;

Song Mingzheng settled over 6 years old parents from Beijing to wuhan, had the youth time in wuchang. After many years, to honghu settled in 1977, he was conducting, become a worker. He told reporters that his love of MAO body calligraphy, due to the details: a lifetime in the wu no road elementary school read 4 grade one day, his father saw in the province agriculture department of work from the unit back to a piece of the changjiang daily, because not know header on numerous writing & other; Throughout the &; Words, he asked his father. When learned from his father that & other; Changjiang daily & throughout; 4 words is by chairman MAO, then try to use brushes to depict, after a period of time, have interest on MAO body calligraphy.

later, whether it be secondary school, decentralized rural, or in a smelting when workers, provincial literary history when librarians, he have a special liking to MAO body calligraphy art, as long as find MAO body calligraphy, he then copy over and over again, so far, he has taken a copy or according to the laws of the body of MAO copied out “corpus” eight volumes, totaling more than 300 words, about 40 first of MAO zedong poetry and MAO zedong in LiaoShen, tianjin battle and cable during the Korean more than 100 copies.

24 when accepting a reporter to interview, he spread the 20 meters long calligraphy works from 5 picture Mosaic hundred meters long, this is his exclusively for “speech in the yanan literature and art symposium” the 70th anniversary of the published book, voluminous, 40000 words, the entity. He told reporters that the hundreds of meters long creation began in October last year, completed recently.