Camus: life itself is ridiculous Enjoy your life to make life even more worthwhile


the gods punished Sisyphus push a boulder continually to the top of the mountain, the stone because of its own weight and rolling down from the top of the mountain. They have a reason to think that punishment is more terrible than is useless and hopeless labor.

life is essentially & other; The absurd & throughout; , the universe would never meet our expectations for meaning and justice. However, this answer is not to say that life is not worth living, but we must pass against the absurdity, by refusing to participate in the injustice of the world and enjoy life to the fullest to make life worth living.

& ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Albert & middot; Camus, “the myth of Sisyphus”, 1942,

Albert & middot; Camus:

was born in 1913 in Algeria. He is an outspoken journalist, in the political life to take a tough neutral position, the position of the radicals and reformers, on one side, on the other side is the harsh rule of the nazis and colonies of unfair treatment.

Nietzsche: give up eternal pursuit, warmly

the heaviest load & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; If there is a demon in a day or a night into your most unbearable loneliness, and say to you, & other; You now and past life, is your future life. It will live, repeat, no new idea. Every pain and joy in your life, thoughts, sigh, and all the big and small, unspeakable things will be back in your body, and are in the same order coming & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

no matter to yourself or about life, you are content with the status quo, to give up to pursue more warmly than the final eternal things?

& ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Nietzsche, happy science, 1882,

friedrich & middot; Nietzsche:

was born in 1844, German philosopher. The pioneer of western modern philosophy, is also a prominent poet and essayist. Later, the life philosophy, existentialism, Freud, postmodernism, all in their response in the form of Nietzsche’s philosophy.