Canadian dismembered in the suspected fake movie plot to kill (FIG.)

horse mourinho tower (left) and Sharon & middot; Rafer played a woman killer, Catherine & middot; Trammell (web screenshot)

international online features: according to bild reported on June 11, not long ago, the Canadian porn actor luca & middot; Rocco & middot; Horse mourinho tower (Luka Rocco Magnotta) will rich Chinese students killed and dismembered, also eat part of the body. Recently, the horse mourinho tower, a former girlfriend said he could kill technique to imitate the plot in the Hollywood movie “instinct”.

the woman said that she and the horse mourinho tower in Toronto in 2006 once met at a party, then two people began to contact. According to her, and the horse mourinho tower for the movie “instinct”, the sequel to the film released in 2006, he was desperate with his girlfriend to go to the cinema to watch. She described, and the horse mourinho tower with her sitting in the front row, when Sharon & middot; Stone (Sharon Stone) play a woman killer, Catherine & middot; Trammell (Catherine Tramell) with ice pick scene appeared, the horse mourinho tower in nervously presses his former girlfriend’s hand.

in the movie, but he is always after and male sex, with the ice pick a dart tied guy in bed, she will be killed. And horse mourinho tower is also tied the victim rich on the bed, and then he was stabbed to death in the ice pick.

in addition, the horse mourinho tower could also from Christopher & middot; Walken (Christopher Walken), starring film “Ripper” (Ripper) gain & other; Inspiration & throughout; . Coincidentally, walken’s role in this movie name is also called the horse mourinho tower (Vince Magnotta). The film to a newspaper with a serial killer E-mail as the prelude, mail wrote & other; I’m addicted to kill people. Throughout the &; But in front of horse mourinho tower was arrested in Berlin, has sent the mail to a British media said: & other; I can’t stop killing action. Throughout the &;

now, horse mourinho tower are Berlin waiting for extradition. IfengLogo (mina)