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researchers on the analysis of the samples.

not long ago, the first China & other; Pineapple science & throughout; Story prize awarded & other; The Y chromosome identification disturbing & throughout; Research. It is alleged that the award organisers hope that through collecting within the field of science & other; Funny and serious & throughout; The research results, and more people share the funny side of science and technology.

& other; The Y chromosome identification of cao cao disturbing & throughout; Is really a interesting study. The previous “record” channel of CCTV, the decoding cao cao genetic code, he recorded the interesting process of the study.

tag on the Y chromosome family

at the end of 2009 at Shanghai’s fudan university, a scientific research project, at the same time around the world are on track. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in henan anyang, a large tomb was suspected to cao cao’s tomb of the eastern han dynasty. At that time, debate about cao cao’s tomb authenticity. 15 of the world’s top laboratory, 200000 human genes samples, over the years, geneticists li to participate in a human ancestors to use DNA to find large experiment.

Shanghai modern anthropology research center of fudan university professor li said: & other; Among most of the body’s tissues and cells, there is a DNA molecule. The DNA molecule is our genetic code. Scientists to search for genetic markers on DNA, just like found a time machine, we can return to the past. Throughout the &;

li hui and his team, and is prepared to conduct a special study. They want to find a group of people who is forgotten by history & ndash; & ndash; Cao cao descent. Li believes that the DNA of these people, the password is bearing the weight of the life of generations.

DNA is a life handbook, among them, there is a DNA molecule is almost the same in the genetic, that’s Y chromosome exist only in men. In the midst of a family, the Y chromosome is handed down from generation to generation, has been spreading. Unless such as adoption, adoption, son in law by adoption or even an affair happened this kind of thing, the Y chromosome is not changing.

by the father and son to generation Y chromosome is relatively stable. However, in the process of inheritance, the chain will happen some of the points on the random mutations, there are a mutation type is called a SNP.

SNP mutation is very, very slow, the mutation after the points above, after thirty million generations to mutation off again. That is to say, after in the ancestor, it is not lost in the offspring. This mutation, like family name, can be handed down from generation to generation, scientists refer to as genetic marker. If some people have the same genetic marker, indicating that they have the same ancestor. Every family can find unique genetic marker, it is a family, a blood patrimony.