Cao Naiqian be fond of flute, flute sound is his another language

the departure at the fron, “Su Wu sheep”, “gusu line”, is the ancient flute music.

in many cases, a flute sound is Cao Naiqian language. In November 2005, in Hong Kong, with the writers from the islamic world, Cao Naiqian only when blowing a flute sound can be understand. Compared with language and words, music without barriers, came to Hong Kong from war-torn Middle East eight writers listen Cao Naiqian flute music. Big burly Palestinian author hasan & middot; Was made in the beach with a smile with his generous hand caressed Cao Naiqian back and said to him blowing a flute sound.

appreciated, Cao Naiqian are inseparable from his ZhuXiao. He was walking, standing, sitting on the ripples in xiangjiang fishing boat to blow, the bus blew rode up the hill, in the cacophony of hokkien, Arabic and English environment, his shanxi native language was put on hold, flute tube instead of a pen as the tool of his expression.

because malmqvist solemnly recommended, in November 2005, Cao Naiqian at the invitation of the Hong Kong Baptist university international writers workshop will do a three-month’s writer. Cao Naiqian don’t like or don’t adapt to life in Hong Kong. Where tall made him dizzy, traffic made him dizzy, the crowd made him nervous, go out for he is always in panic.

a lot of the time said he was shut up in Kowloon, Dr Wu tai international room, writing a novel, drink, and flute. I am willing to listen to one of his flute, it’s okay when I was in his room. He would like to have a native speakers speak with him. In his room I accompany him drink he bought a dozen cans of beer, he borrowed the removal, flute, singing begging.

the day miss you carry needle

the night think you blow not destroy lights

the day miss you to climb on the bridge

the night think you couldn’t

malmqvist said Cao Naiqian is a real peasant.

skips and embittered begging adjustable Cao Naiqian sang more than 30 years, I used to listen to him sing begging in various occasions, as long as the singing to the to affection is very arrogant. If he drank the wine, he completely them crazy. Met a woman in the seat, he would have embraced, frighten girls run around. Wel will drink wine, drink will be crazy is the picture of when he occasionally degenerate.

this state since 30 years ago, when Cao Naiqian educated youth led to the identity of the police to the countryside.

his town called north kiln temperature, YanBei region is located in shanxi. Later in his novel called wen home kiln. In those days there was no electricity, lighting use kerosene lamps, kang is kraft paper, sleep bad skin. The children had no shoes all year round there. There are & ndash; & ndash; Where the bachelor, two men with more than a woman’s family.

begging tone was then with those poor township of humanism.

beggar is the song of the poor, and in 30 years ago, therefore Cao Naiqian ear is a popular national quotations song and loyalty dance.

begging tone let him see the real situation of human existence. 12 years later returned to the city Cao Naiqian because bet with people began to write novels, at that time, the rural landscape in north kiln temperature inside the resurrection. “The night think you can’t: warm home kiln scenery” series of novels at that time began, Cao Naiqian with his wild heart and paranormal senses to revisit them and record the survival of the country real picture.

Cao Naiqian done before the blacksmith, sing, play again under the mine before. He is a mother adopt a posthumous child.

in the late 1980 s, at the start of the novel Cao Naiqian literary world attention, he interrupted his writing, the reason is that grew up tending his adoptive mother mental disorders. Ten years, he stop writing serve adoptive mother, until they die.

in July 2007, I went to the datong as his interview. Here, after years of hard, lost, waiting, his novel “the night think you can’t: warm home kiln scenery” published in the mainland popular again.

to see him in the office when he dress fittingly smudgy, wooden. He says one of his friends has just committed suicide. Arm themselves with a straw rope the man hung up on a willow tree in the country, the reason is that he couldn’t support a pair of young children and sick mother.

Cao Naiqian long on the desk with his flute. I say blow a song. He was holding a flute pipe blowing. And I heard in Hong Kong, the departure at the fron, “Su Wu sheep”, “gusu line”. Flute melodious, is desolate and sad.

his office is on the third floor of the public security bureau, close to the toilet, the foul breath rushed into his room.

his office is a mess, with books, newspapers, and the dust covered the tables and chairs, and beds.

his calligraphy banners hung on the wall: & other; My heart volume and bandits. Throughout the &;

I know it is his beloved author liu xie “wen-hsin-diao-long” of a sentence.