Cao Naiqian with oral dialect dialect and creative life Refused to mandarin

“to the night think you can’t & ndash; & ndash; warm home kiln scenery”

in chongqing during the period of the national book fair, the novel “to the night think you can’t” high-profile appearance. Start signing ceremony, the author Cao Naiqian sang in public described begging, & other; A beam in a slope and bottom, have trouble see little sister heart & throughout; . Cao Naiqian melodious song, RuSuRuQi. In many famous writers and big shots with the signing of the scene, he is so old-fashioned and honest. By his works and & other Beggar adjusted throughout the &; Attract people can not help but ask: & other; Who is he? Throughout the &;

the Nobel Prize for literature only know Chinese judges malmqvist said Cao Naiqian, & other; In my opinion Cao Naiqian is one of the most first-class writer in China, he and li, mo yan have hope to win the Nobel Prize for literature. But in the past 15 years no publishing house published his willing to things, because he wasn’t famous. Throughout the &;

interview experience & other The original ecological & throughout; Dialect

may be informed of the reporter, in the national book fair book Cao Naiqian conference was told a policeman writer, but also by the Nobel judges malmqvist rated as China’s most promising writer to win the prize! Reporter then also surprised to find that the writer Cao Naiqian unexpectedly will only dialect and words he said couldn’t listen to understand! The reporter resort network to complete the interview.

Cao Naiqian intact life and spoken dialect dialect, he refused to regulate the medium of language, his writing directly with the living standards. He thinks mandarin and lack of written language expression. Cao Naiqian online is very modest, he told reporters: my old soil, but also no progress, when the police for over 30 years, 59, was a clerk & other; Small & throughout; The police, and conscientiously. My daring, teeth-which, still dare to say: I write my novels appetite and sexual desire, not politics. Also said that some writing mock ancient yu today, I think it is a shallow!

Cao Naiqian conversation become a writer, because the repeatedly recommended to the Nobel committee shen congwen, hope will be awarded the Nobel literature prize Swedish old man malmqvist past shen. Maradona met Chinese people ask: do you know Cao Naiqian? Do you know Cao Naiqian? Horse get the answers are almost shook his head, because of the novels of Cao Naiqian did not officially published in mainland China. He think Cao Naiqian is shen congwen near-re-embodiment.

3 police inspector longer career

59 Cao Naiqian has been almost forgotten by the Chinese literary mainstream & ndash; & ndash; A peasant, a claim to farmers in the garb of a level 3 police inspector, a folk singer will sing beggar tune.

Cao Naiqian after graduating from high school in 1968, when a downhole coal industry and art ensemble instrumental music performance, transferred to public security system in 1972, 1978 in datong city public security bureau in insourcing XingZhenKe, because of the broken case once worked as a model worker. Before the age of 37 Cao Naiqian hadn’t thought of to be a writer, but liked to read. One day, a friend said, pointing to his book, the book a lot, but there is a book you have not. Cao Naiqian asked which book. Called don’t know what he said, but he know the author. Asked who is the author? He said: & other; Cao Naiqian. Throughout the &;

bet, because and friends Cao Naiqian began to write novels. The first novel “I and good fortune monk” published in the journal of yungang journal of datong, so he began his novel creation. Cao Naiqian wrote three books in total, medium-length stories “Buddha of loneliness”, a collection of short stories “the last village,” and the latest edition of the novel “to the night think you can’t”, which bring great reputation to Cao Naiqian. In 1988, the warm home kiln scenery “series after Beijing literature, published in the first group had wang zeng-qi’s high praise, the old man to his proposal subject to & other; To throughout the night think you can’t &; From book sing to want rice, this subject adjustment: & other; Think you to climb on the walls, during the day to night think you can’t. Throughout the &;

Cao Naiqian creation novel “to the night think you can’t” is completed, after 10 years in China without press of embarrassment. Because at that time, he is still done in literature, nor fame, the novel for a long time did not press. Until a chance met the Nobel Prize for literature judges malmqvist Cao Naiqian, under his recommended the book was published by Taiwan world culture bookshop, translated into swe malmqvist after publication, and preface.

Cao Naiqian said, now he is writing a novel, the hero of the story is his adoptive mother, is published at the end of this year. After the novel written Cao Naiqian will be abandoned.

dialogue Cao Naiqian:

& other; Malmqvist in my engagement & throughout;

guangzhou daily: Cao Laoshi, your “to the night think you can’t” ten years ago has been completed, to talk about the book & other; Storage & throughout; The reason for 10 years?

Cao Naiqian: in 1987, I began to write to the night think you can’t. I’m a what also don’t hurry to do. The 180000 words, slowly write for 10 years, finishing in 1997. I let my friend li to help me find a press, he have to find a, editor said after watching very well. I said don’t paid, don’t royalties, give me 100 books. Can she did not take a fancy to top editors. I have not tell them to paper, also didn’t find another press. I decided to, later who take the initiative to come to give you, no one will find then put aside. In this way, one is put aside for 10 years.

guangzhou daily: can you talk about your writing background of this work?

Cao Naiqian: in 1974, I was assigned to the datong a remote rural educated youth led. The village of farmers is too poor, poor to even afford to shop kang mat, spreading from the mine back to kraft paper. That year gave me the impression is too deep. Written in the proviso of the people and things, it doesn’t happen in the village. Writing of finely, eighty percent is my familiar with other YanBei region of the people and things.