Cao xueqin’s special relationship with emperor kangxi Shi Xiangyun “brother love” is a dialect


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Shen Xinlin, male, born in November 1947, jiangsu rugao, a master’s degree. China normal university Chinese department, teaches today after graduation. Nanjing normal university Chinese department professor, master tutor. He engaged in Chinese ancient literature teaching and research, first opened a “China ancient times literature” and “the ancient history of literature”, “ancient fiction, research of Ming and qing fiction studies of a dream of red mansions” and other courses. The author of the barnyard grass sea agent le “, “li yu book, such as the Xu Weichuan academic works.

Core tip

in jiangning weaving mansion for a big palace, lane. So the author of a dream of red mansions, and nanjing have very deep roots.

the grand view garden and nanjing have a don’t understand the love already, and it also absorb the various landscape features of the south and the north, is a comprehensive characteristic art shaping up.

nanjing neither belongs to the jianghuai culture area, and do not belong to the wu yue culture area, but jianghuai culture of wu and yue culture collision intersection a product.

jiangning weaving house rise and fall of

has long been considered to be the author of a dream of red mansions cao xueqin. He grew up in jiangning weaving mansion, had a great childhood in nanjing. Jiangning weaving mansion on it in a big palace lane. So the author of a dream of red mansions, and nanjing have very deep roots. Jiangning weaving, not pure is to manage a overseers of textile, weaving brocade, it actually is arranged to monitor southeast area official action of a special agencies. So cao cao was endowed with special mission, cao xueqin’s grandfather Cao Xi up later, the three generations of four people in his home jiangning jiangning weaving weaving house do. Especially Cao Yin Cao Xi son, he has a special relationship with emperor kangxi.

relationship with kang xi cao family has two layers. The first layer, Cao Xi wife sun-style is kangxi’s wet nurse. The ancient times have & other; Three eight mother & father throughout; , one of eight mother is a nurse, or wet nurse. Kangxi advocated filial rule the world. Another relationship, is the son of Cao Xi Cao Yin is with emperor kangxi’s presence. Cao Yin military strategy, the romantic literary grace, is deep the trust of the kangxi, grow up and was promoted to command of kangxi bodyguard. So, in the era of emperor kangxi, cao home three generations of four consecutive in nanjing jiangning weaving for 58 years, it is rare in history. , in addition to this, emperor kangxi six southern four times in cao home.

in the kangxi emperor kangxi thirty-eight years to jiangning weaving house saw the sun-style, mouth claimed that this is & other; Throughout my home old man also &; . And bring a pen to question the three words, called & other; Xuan rendon & throughout; . & other; Xuan & throughout; Is the mother, mother. This & other; Xuan & throughout; In a dream of red mansions is subtly suggesting that give us now. Lin daiyu and Shi Xiangyun al poetry, Shi Xiangyun part is called & other; Sweet throughout new glory cinnamon &; , Lin daiyu bottom allied call & other; Color the healthy mau Jin Xuan & throughout; , it is this & other; Xuan & throughout; , in fact, the author ingeniously location in the & other; Xuan rendon & throughout; . In the novel, Shi Xiangyun then speak: & other; You this pair of very well, but we rather to his praises for it. Throughout the &; & other; St & throughout; Is the emperor, also ordered & other Xuan rendon & throughout; . That’s a dream of red mansions inside some rare’s sense of honor.

Cao Yin Yu Kangxi 51 years in yangzhou master carved, author trys to was kangxi command him to resharpen. Cao Yin is a good officer, fulfill their duties in yangzhou had dysentery, diarrhea is difficult to heal in time. His brother-in-law Li Xu a they wished to kangxi, emperor kangxi special messenger from the Beijing cinchona cream with the trotters limit 9 days overnight to yangzhou, and add a few hundred words of comment on writing, teaching him how to eat, with a few minutes of a few money, can’t eat what to eat. Which know medicine to yangzhou, Cao Yin is dead. Cao Yin died, was succeeded by his son, Cao Yong jiangning weaving. Unfortunately Cao Yong short-lived only for three years, kangxi then command Cao Yin cousin son cao e ? ? Cao Yin ˉ adoption, in jiangning weaving, until five years, cao home is This is the ascent of novels inside must fall. Cao cao attention is very much by emperor kangxi emperor kangxi was personally in charge, let Cao Yin two daughters marry to the royal family, become a princess. Kangxi later in his life and also let him Cao Yin yangzhou tour salt empire. As is known to all, tour salt empire have & other; Gray income & throughout; Are there in a year, 2300000 liang sycee. Actually, kangxi know Cao Yin hole because of his own. Cao Yin died after yongzheng not, cao home hole, the property is property, cao cao is all back to Beijing. But home to return to Beijing time, cao cao xueqin probably no more than 23 years old, there is an argument about only five years old. So, at present the academic circles has a point, that is, the manuscript is unlikely to be written by cao xueqin. I also am doing the research, should be a dream of red mansions Cao Yin from hebei rich adoption of a son. Cao Yin first wife had no sons, so cao cao kuang an adopted son. In the second year, his second wife gave birth to his eldest son Cao Yong, this Cao Yong one year younger than adoption to step-kids. Later don’t know what reason, the stepson goes back to the origin, failed to succeed Cao Yin as jiangning weaving. So, he told cao home is grumble, he used a special view to write out of cao cao the absence or events.

I asked, & other; Teacher, why now can’t write out of a dream of red mansions such work? Throughout the &; Because there is no experienced so much difficulties and hardships of the author. & other; Assignment of qu yuan’s exile, but “li SAO”; Left high blindness, jue throughout the mandarin &; . A person only suffered a fatal blow, he can skill, can write the works handed down from ancient times. And gentle prosperous village in below, is don’t write out good works.

when he got to Beijing, cao cao is washed-up, yongzheng tighten control for them, to the qianlong era is slightly better. So cao xueqin himself in his later years is to “stone” add five times, peruse ten years, he is divided into periods, code into a directory. He is a manuscript, he made some changes behind. According to what we see now, the tenth novel back to back to 13 is adapted cao xueqin, this is my personal opinion.

the grand view garden and the garden’s love

here, something about the background of a dream of red mansions and nanjing. To turn a dream of red mansions can see the author of nanjing are very familiar with. In the novel the second time, a man called Jia Yu village said: & other; Qu I to jinling, because you would like to visit sites, the rijin stone town, he went past my old house. East is ningguo mansion street, west street is rong-guo mansion, the second house is linked together, that accounts for most of street. Throughout the &; This tells us, “a dream of red mansions” is the ancient city of nanjing as a background. He said Jia Fu on the rock.

background # 2 is a novel describing the grand view garden. Where is the grand view garden? This is a problem of the academic controversy, experts in Beijing say is Beijing, Beijing quadrangles, respectful wang fu, alcohol palace, Ming fu frenzy, the four places like grand view garden. There are many people in nanjing, among them, speaks the loudest is yuan mei. Yuan mei did jiangning magistrate of a county, cao xueqin’s contemporaries. Yuan mei was born in 1716, one year younger than cao xueqin. As the jiangning magistrate of a county, he should be cao cao, alarmed; In addition, more importantly, yuan mei lived with park were originally XiHuaYuan of cao family. Speaking of which, is someone you would like to ask, where XiHuaYuan? Road at the boundary of the road from Shanghai to guangzhou, to the west that enjoy rock invites exhibit hold until & ndash; & ndash; This includes the home warehouse, black longtan, hospital workers, Nanjing Normal University, have such a large range. So, yuan mei in “with the garden zhen”, in a dream of red mansions & other; The grand view garden is my home with garden also & throughout; . Nanjing normal university park campus, the campus needed is such. So, yuan mei speak any reason? I think there are still some truth. Because the arc of history is the fact that the yongzheng five years cao cao was FengMen, cao cao was six years of yongzheng spring property. Copy after yongzheng emperor found over the house of cao cao, is very poor. So he threw XiHuaYuan unto the host of the house of cao raided a officials, called SuiHeDe, he sent the west park named SuiYuan instead of cao cao, note that this & other; Sui & throughout; Is & other; Emperor yangdi & throughout; The & other; Sui & throughout; . But SuiHeDe live in this garden inside 5 years later, the yongzheng emperor and copy it. Property, and sold to the jiangning magistrate of a county yuan mei. After his, yuan mei retired at age 40, he prowled the he bought this SuiYuan, changed to now & other; Casual & throughout; The & other; With & throughout; .