Cartoonist chihoi’s: life need a world of imagination

Li Zhihai chihoi’s original name, Hong Kong cartoonist, novelist, including “implied record” and so on.

university started cartoon dream

I was born in 1977, in the process of growth, it is Hong Kong mainstream comic abnormal period of prosperity, give priority to with the martial arts, the Mafia, popular works can sell hundreds of thousands of this week.

I grew up like painting, but parents don’t support, they want me to take an examination of university, college, I almost can’t see the cartoon, because at home, no pocket money, and the elders scared that I look at the violence, pornography, is corrupting. Occasionally go to grandpa’s house, we can see Wang Sima “cowboy”, father and son is the subject, I like it very much.

when the mainland had just started to reform, people think Hong Kong people are very rich, but it is not so, my parents work in a small company for a lifetime, belong to the grassroots, can only live in public housing, the space is very small. In high school, I want to take art, parents don’t agree that they will not use a computer, let me learn the computer. May all the parents are the same, worried about child grow up can’t make money, can’t buy.

afterwards, I went to university, major in food and nutrition science. My professional performance is very poor, more time to draw, just began to draw a single, later inspired by li dada rong comic, also began to draw cartoons.

newspaper gave a piece of the sky to cartoon people

a sophomore, I began to contribute to the newspaper, Hong Kong has a lot of supplement, edit the eyes wide, willing to support new soon, my work published. Newspaper gave a piece of the sky, to independent comics inventory the development of Hong Kong comic books, and newspapers are inseparable, McDull is known to all, also is in the first to launch on the Ming pao.

cartoons to me, my father has no opinion, he told me not to draw a political cartoons, it’s too dangerous. My grandfather fled to Hong Kong, so the elders are especially sensitive to this.

in 1999, graduated from I reluctantly, didn’t also engaged in the field. That year was the Asian financial crisis, the graduates to find a job is difficult, I work in a cartoon website for a year, did not think of the Internet bubble burst in 2000, the website closed, so we have to looking for a job again.

I worked in many professions, write a radio ads, but I don’t adapt to business writing, as a clerk in a bookstore, bookstore failed, in a big company when designers, result the somebody else think I can’t adjust to their style, and not to me.